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  • Just Jack. And Karen. And Will & Grace Return this Fall
    NBC has announced that yes, since the reality we all knew under Obama is now over, their contribution to turning back the clock will be ten new episodes of Will & Grace starting this fall. more >
  • Afternoon or Evening Delight: The Afterglow Candle
    If you’re looking to set the tone for a romantic holiday, consider the Afterglow massage candle. It starts by exciting the senses with alluring aromas like vanilla or grapefruit. more >
  • Edwin’s Long and Wine-ing Road Through France
    The call of the open road is just so wonderful. Nothing can be more freeing and relaxing than having a car and just driving through the beautiful landscape of the South of France. more >
  • Joanne Finds Lady Gaga Back In Her Sweet Spot
    Returning to her singer-songwriter roots, Mother Monster bounces from folk to country to pop with enormous success on her latest effort. more >
  • AIDS in Film: Every Picture Tells a Story
    For our entertainment issue, we took a look back through our MetroHIV film coverage on the lookout for great films we haven’t previously discussed —and where you can seek them out today. more >
  • How to Lose Those Last Ten Pounds? Ask Dr. Scarpidis
    At some point, you may not be able to sculpt your body any further, but perhaps your doctor can. more >
  • A World of Wonder Awaits in New Zealand’s Queenstown
    Jaw-dropping beauty and adventure thrills are the two components that await in the resort town of Queenstown, New Zealand. If you’re a movie buff, you’ve seen Hollywood directors use it as a backdrop for such films as The Hobbit,the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Narnia Chronicles. Every car company has also taken advantage of its picturesque landscape in one scenic commercial shot after another. While I was visiting, Range Rover had just completed a commercial, and Taylor Swift was in town to film a music video. more >
  • Bronski Beat Member Larry Steinbachek Dies
    Out-and-gay hitmakers were rare in the early ’80s. In America, that meant the cartoonish Village People and drag diva Sylvester. In Britian, there was the Clash-influenced Tom Robinson and synth-popsters Soft Cell (of “Tainted Love” fame) and Bronski Beat. The death last month of bespectacled Bronski keyboardist Larry Steinbachek was revealed over the weekend by his sister. more >
  • DIARY: Let Me Entertain You
    Faced with underwhelming attendance at his earliest readings, Wade resorts to a variety of attention-getting gimmicks to engage the masses. more >
  • Everybody Is a Star at These Celebrity Destinations
    Hit the heights like George Clooney, see Baja like Eva Longoria and make a great getaway with Sarah Jessica Parker. more >

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