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  • DIARY: Let Me Entertain You
    Faced with underwhelming attendance at his earliest readings, Wade resorts to a variety of attention-getting gimmicks to engage the masses. more >
  • Jennifer Holiday’s Telling You She’s Not Going to Honor Trump
    In response to opposition from LGBTQ groups, Dreamgirls diva Jennifer Holliday says she’s turning down Donald Trump’s invitation to warble him into the White House. more >
  • Make It A Wet Wedding and Marry On A Yacht!
    Say “I Do” to a wedding with a view! Are you or someone you know recently engaged? Tag a friend and let them know to join us aboard Elite Private Yachts for a wedding showcase on 1/21, and envision their wedding on New York Harbor! more >
  • Who Were Your Favorite Top Chef Judges?
    It’s a tough call, we know. Week after week, month after month and season after season, you sit watching food be made, smelled, tasted without ever knowing how the actual flavors would wash over your own palate. Of course you have to rely on the judges’ opinions. But who do you really trust? more >
  • Edwin Santiago: My Accidental Budapest Staycation
    During the past holiday season, I was on a road trip through four countries in Europe when I got sick with a stomach flu. Oh, it was awful. I kept praying to God, please . . . Jesus, Take the Wheel. But he declined. I had to endure the long drive from Munich to Budapest. more >
  • When Newspapers Vanish, Where Does the News Go?
    When I was a kid, the newspaper was delivered to our door every day; my parents would unfold it at the table and make their way through it, section by section. more >
  • Emerald City Goes Even Farther over the Rainbow
    From Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz to Idina Menzel in Wicked, a variety of beloved actors have led audiences back to L. Frank Baum’s colorful world of wicked witches and yellow brick roads. more >
  • How to Lose Those Last Ten Pounds? Ask Dr. Scarpidis
    At some point, you may not be able to sculpt your body any further, but perhaps your doctor can. more >
  • What A Day For A Daydream Island
    After being invited by my friends Paul and Brittany to Daydream Island Resort in Australia for their wedding, I researched its location, and I had to take a flight from my home in LA to Brisbane (a 14-hour flight) and another from Brisbane to Hamilton Island. From Hamilton Island, I had to take a $50, 20-minute ferry to Daydream Island. It’s pricey and remote, but well worth it. more >
  • Bening Right on Time in 20th Century Women
    Annete Bening plays Dorothea, the single mother of teenage son Jamie and the central figure of an unusual household in Santa Barbra, California circa 1979. more >

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