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  • No Shame. Showtime’s Shameless Returns
    It might be shocking to Those who grew up in the era when gay people were mostly invisible on television, but by GLAAD’s count, there were nearly 250 LGBT characters among last season’s major shows. more >
  • 5 Guys Chillin’ Delves Into the Dark World of ‘ChemSex’
    There’s much to be proud of and delighted by in strides made by the gay community over the last dozen years. But with those gains have come some grim new challenges. British playwright Peter Darney explores both in his new play. more >
  • Selina Still Mired in Her Own Mess on VEEP
    As long-suffering Politico Selina Meyer, Julia Louis-Dreyfus seems doomed by the very title of her series to forever have the presidency just out of reach. more >
  • Palace Intrigue Awaits in Versailles
    You might call the palace at Versailles history’s ultimate splurge, and on October 1 an epic costume drama about its origins makes its U.S. premiere on the Ovation network (after becoming a hit in France, Canada and Britain). more >
  • Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls, Unless They’re in Krka
    I was flipping through an airline magazine when I first saw an image of the amazing waterfall in Krka National Park. Immediately, I told myself: I have to go as soon as possible. more >
  • On the Road Again: A Runner’s Manual
    If a Marathon is on your bucket list, it will take more than practice to get you across the 26-mile mark. We’ve assembled a few handy training tips to get you ready to hit your stride with confidence. more >
  • Flavor and Healthy Eating In A Single Dish? That’s Omega Tartare
    A dish needn’t be unhealthy to be indulgent. case in point: a dish That comes to mind when I think of “Indulgence” is tartare – that wonderfully tantalizing combination of fresh meat or fish complemented by tongue-tingling seasonings and the creaminess of egg. more >
  • Your Gay Day Plannner for Halloween
    Ghouls, Ghosts and Goblins – Halloween has always been among the gayest of holidays, when our little subculture is able to turn the dial all the way up to 11 without fear that we’re somehow over the top. Some of our favorite haunts this year will include a bevy of beefy dance parties. more >
  • Season One of Narcos Comes Home
    Nowadays, Pablo Escobar is probably equally famous as infamous. The Columbian drug lord’s story has become as inextricably woven into our collective memory of the 1980s as cocaine itself, and he has surely earned his place among the pantheon of the great criminals. more >
  • Your Last Resort: Foxwoods Puts Fun Front and Center
    Foxwoods is a resort, casino and concert venue where you can party hard and kick back in one of the ultimate entertainment destinations in the Northeast. more >

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