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  • Alan Cumming Attached to Florent Series
    While the beloved Meatpacking District restaurant has been closed for over seven years, it may soon have a (sort of) second life thanks to Alan Cumming and Showtime. more >
  • Magnolia Bakery Offers New Line of Chocolate Bars
    This October, kids will ask their neighbors for free candy, as they do every year. But grown-ups will be offered something a little more sophisticated from the people behind the doors of Magnolia Bakery. more >
  • WATCH: StoryCorps’ Short for National Coming Out Day
    Each week, StoryCorps challenges NPR listeners to listen to a three-minute segment of ordinary citizens telling their and not cry. In advance of National Coming Out Day (October 11) and in partnership with the It Gets Better Project, StoryCorps offers a new opportunity for you to lose that battle. more >
  • What Goes on at an AIDS Conference?
    We often hear about the outcomes of AIDS conferences: Research results, promising treatment options, intriguing statistics, potential ways to work with people more effectively, even possible cures. But what goes on at an AIDS conference before the headline-making news is released? more >
  • REVIEW: Josh Mond’s James White
    Josh Mond makes his directorial debut with an appropriately moody project about troubled youth (considering his previous experience working as a producer on extreme tales of psychos and cults). more >
  • Cat Cora and the Mind of a Chef
    As she prepares to release her first memoir, the celebrity chef gives us a taste of her story — including her unlikely upbringing, career high points and even what she’ll be bringing to her holiday table. more >
  • NYC Wine & Food Festival Begins October 15
    October 15–18
    If you ask New Yorkers what makes our city great, food is always high on the list. So it makes perfect sense that the Food Network has chosen to host its delectable Wine & Food Festival here for the past eight years. more >
  • A Look at Gay Parenting in 2015
    Now more than ever, gays and lesbians are choosing to raise kids. So Metrosource set out to explore the journeys of these parents — with two dads who’ve been raising sons for decades, the moms of a young daughter, and a couple anxiously awaiting their big chance. more >
  • Allegiance, with George Takei, Begins on Broadway
    Previews October 6
    Opens November 8

    Allegiance, premiering this fall at the Longacre Theatre, is a semi-autobiographical musical based on the real life of George Takei — iconic member of the original Star Trek cast, breakout social media quipster, and outspoken LGBT rights activist. more >
  • #SpiritDay 2015 Set for October 15
    On October 15, you’ll be seeing purple. Why? more >

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