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  • Lucky Be A Lady – and Sometimes A Bunny. Too
    Lady Bunny Is The “Trans-Jester” in A Raucous New Show at NYC’s Stonewall Inn more >
  • Michael Longoria: A Broadway Baby Comes of Age
    Playing he original Frankie Valli in the Broadway smash Jersey Boys, Michael Longoria learned to hit the high notes. Now he’s reaching for the stars with a new album and a cabaret debut this week in New York City. more >
  • The Obamas V. Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth
    Forget Batman V. Superman or Captain America’s squabbles with Iron Man. When the POTUS and the FLOTUS start talking trash, Elizabeth II and Prince Harry don’t hesitate to drop the mic on them. BOOM! more >
  • Heidelberg: More Than A Sausage Fest
    One of Germany’s most picturesque locales and home to the university that bears its name, Heidelberg is a town with centuries of beauty – both natural and man-made – and enough history to keep you entranced throughout your stay. more >
  • Will Ferrell Ridicule Reagan?
    According to Variety magazine, comic actor Will Ferrell has agreed to play President Ronald Reagan in a film that depicts the former chief executive as befuddled and demented. Reagan’s daughter Patti isn’t laughing. more >
  • Titanic 2: The Boat Will Go On
    It’s been continually beset with cost overruns and bad juju from the press and others who believe that creating a “near-exact” replica of the ill-fated ocean liner is sacrilege, but Titanic 2 is still planned to make its first voyage in 2018. more >
  • Chasing Your Tituss Burgess Dragon?
    Poor kid. You binge-watched the entire new season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, didn’t you? Then you re-watched the first season. How will you satisfy your craving now? more >
  • Absolutely Fabulous? You Bet!
    Sweetie Darling, the trailer for the new feature-length film of Absolutely Fabulous is here, and it promises more of the hijinks and hilarity you’ve come to expect. more >
  • “Lust, Men and Meth,” and HIV
    A look at why meth has proven so seductive among the gay community and what’s to be done about it. more >
  • 90-Year Old ex-Senator to Marry the Man of His Dreams
    He served in JFK’s cabinet. He worked with the late Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. And now, two decades after losing his wife to leukemia, Harris Wofford is getting married — to a man. more >

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