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From the Vault: Love Is a Drag Unearths M2M Classics

Why is Love Is a Drag labelled “for adult listeners only”? It’s because this collection of classic love songs, originally released in 1962, were sung by a man and to a man.

Photo courtesy Modern Harmonic

Photo courtesy Modern Harmonic

One can’t help but imagine how scandalous it was at the time to hear vocalist Gene Howard croon to his “lover man,” giving new poignancy to lyrics like “he’d be so much better off if I went away.” Featuring all-time greats such as “The Boy Next Door,” “The Man I Love” and “Can’t Help Lovin’ that Man,” it’s a beautiful recording in its own right — pairing Howard’s smooth vocals with beautiful jazz arrangements. But it’s even more remarkable as a piece of gay musical history. modernharmonic.com

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