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The Bucket List: Enough Adventure to Last a Lifetime

Life is short, but the bucket list is here to help you fill it with priceless memories. Its adventures are geographically organized by latitude — from north to south.

The Bucket List book cover

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Edited by Kath Stathers | Universe; $35
They are also helpfully sorted by scale (micro adventures; epic journeys), focus (cultural discoveries, wildlife encounters) and results (life affirmation, learning new skills). There are far-flung experiences such as bird watching in Kenya or driving through the clouds of Sri Lanka. There are also items closer to home, including sampling unfamiliar cuisines and learning a new language. Author Kath Stathers makes the book user-friendly by not simply profiling these cool experiences, but also offering practical advice on how to best go about checking them off of your personal bucket list. Whether you’re looking for life goals or ideas for your next vacation, you’ll find plenty here to consider.

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