These Are 10 Gay Memes That Will Make You LOL

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LGBTQ internet memes can be a mixed bag. Many turn out to be homophobic, wildly NSFW or just plain not funny. However, we came across ten gay memes that will make you LOL.

The One About BDSM

DomSub from r/gaymemes

“Tale as old as time, true as it can be…”

The One About Who Gets the Check

Omg abac ahahah im always assigned top tho idk i think i just look top? Who knows im actually much more bottom than i seem tbh… from r/bisexual

Waitress, I’d like to order a side of… feeling very attacked!

The One With the Suggestively Named Product

An interesting title from r/gaymemes

I’m sorry, sir, but this cake is far too fruited for me. Would you happen to have anything slightly less fruited?

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The One About Dating Girls in High School

Gays in high school going on dates with girls to prove they’re not gay from r/gaymemes

And the Academy Award goes to…

The One About How Babies Are Made

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ from r/gaymemes

Class, please open your textbooks to the page that begins, “Milk, milk, lemonade…”

The One About Halloween Costumes

The season is upon us from r/gaymemes

And we thought the “Sexy Mister Rogers” costumes had gone too far…

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The One About Gay Guys and Cute Boys

True from r/gaymemes

Are the straight women running because they fear the gays beat them to him?

The One About Straight Porn

Every. Damn. Time. from r/gaymemes

“I don’t need to see that!”

The One About Harry Potter

Magically delicious from r/gaymemes

Sometimes you’ve just gotta ask for what you want.

The One About the Family Circus

I have a thing for cartoon and comic dads. 🙂 from r/gaymemes

Nothing brings together a family like making fun of dad!

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Last modified: September 27, 2019