106 Year Old Gets More Cake Than They Bargained For with Butlers in the Buff

Written by | The Lens

Brains are like gutters – the older we get, the fuller (and dirtier) they become. Now get your mind out of the proverbial gutter because there’s a lady present!

But this story revolves around a particularly thirsty grande dame, so we’re spilling the tea about Norah Shaw. For her 106th birthday bash, Norah requested a “hunky man” to serve as her butler.

Get in line, Ms. Shaw!

To fulfill her… ahem – demand, Norah’s daughter contacted Butlers in the Buff, a company whose assets really speak to us.

In addition to being gloriously gay-friendly, B in the B is also great-grandma-friendly. They sent over Eddy Betteridge, a tasty man morsel who satisfied Norah’s cravings immediately.

“Eddy was tall, had nice eyes and was very attractive,” Norah reveals to Daily Male – oops, we mean Mail. “He had no hair on his chest at all, which impressed me. I had never seen anything like it.”

After two world wars and ten Fast & Furious movies, the one thing Norah hadn’t seen was a hairless chest?!? She was long overdue!

Butt – oops, we mean BUT the party girl got more than she expected in the end (pun firmly intended).

“I was very shocked when he turned around, because he had no underwear on. It was quite amusing.”

Norah may have been shocked, but she went back for seconds!

“I had to keep checking, so I asked him to get some sandwiches.”

NomNomNom, Norah!

We love-is-love the fact that Butlers in the Buff caters to queer clientele and mature lasses alike. In this era of divisiveness and contempt, their attitude (and assitude) are refreshing.

“It was spontaneous, to say the least,” Norah concludes. “I have had an absolutely wonderful day, it’s been marvelous all the way through.”

Happy birthday, Norah Shaw! More cake anyone?

Last modified: August 23, 2022