18 Fierce Lines Said in “Drag Race” Season 11 Episode 6

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The queens worked out with Love Connie, rehearsed with Travis Wall and Adam Rippon and performed to remixes featuring some of the greatest lines in Drag Race herstory. But which queen left a line worth adding to that collection?

After Last Week’s Runway

On being in the bottom three:
SILKY: I was in the bottom for being beautiful. So, you know what? It works for me, and if I’ve gotta lip sync for my life, I’m gonna lip sync for my life… beautifully!

Regarding Yvie’s critique of her serving the same silhouette repeatedly:
MISS VANJIE: That old school phrase – “If you’ve got nothing nice to say, just let those bitches go home!” – sometimes that applies.

Regarding Yvie reading the other queens after judging:
SILKY: Miss Yvie bumps her gums all day.

Clapping back at Silky:
YVIE: Oh girl, I hope you’re not talking to me because I’m about to send your ass packing.

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Serving 1980s Exercise Video Realness

In reference to Love Connie:
A’KERIA: I want whatever she’s on.

After choosing teams for the Draglympics:
NINA: Put the brakes on because Scarlet is on our team, and we are in trouble. SOS. She is not a dancer. Help!

Reading her Draglympic teammates:
MISS VANJIE: This ain’t America’s Best Dance Crew right here. We can’t even make the auditions.

Rehearsal with Travis and Adam

When SIlky can’t quite make it back to her feet:
BROOKE: Silky’s flopping around on the floor, looking like “The Greatest Catch.”

On her Rubenesque physique:
SILKY: I just need a fluid pill, and it’ll all go away. It’s all water.

As the first team exited rehearsal:
TRAVIS: I’m so glad that you at least some rhythm in you.
SILKY: Bitch, you gon’ hate the next team. Oh, you’re gonna be angry!

Regarding her teammate:
RA’JAH: Of course we still have the struggle bus with Scarlet in the way. Bitch, could you find your spot so I can get in mine? Thank you. Move, bitch.

On her team as a whole:
MISS VANJIE: I’m praying that these girls get hit by the “Rhythm Nation” stick.

The Draglympics and Runway

Regarding Miss Silky’s footwear:
ADAM: The stakes have never been higher, and the heels have never been shorter.

On her church lady runway lewk:
SILKY: I am wearing a good old sanctified church lady jumpsuit. Look at me. Don’t I look like a big, tall glass of water? You look thirsty, honey. Take a sip.

Describing her catsuit runway lewk:
RA’JAH: Mary J. Blige at the Met Gala meets old money, baby!

On Miss Vanjie’s naughty bunny runway look:
ADAM: The future Mrs. Hefner. Well…
MICHELLE: Not much future in that.

On Miss Scarlet’s dancing:
TRAVIS: There is a total disconnect – brain to foot.

On her relationship to the world:
SCARLET: The world wants me, and the feeling is mutual.

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