2 + 2 = Hot Men Changing Swimsuits

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Math is hard… and so are we. We rarely consider how geometry affects our desires and urges, but figures don’t lie. Proportions and perspectives allow us to marvel at the male form in all of its throbbing glory. The angle of the pecs, the shelf of the rugged shoulders, and the overall symmetry of masculine contours add up to a classically erotic equation.

Greek thinker and artist Polykleitos understood this dynamic intimately. He crafted sculptures to prove his mathematical thesis that harmony and balance are satisfying on a basic, carnal level.

Fast-forward to the modern man. And pause.

Ooh, what a hot freeze-frame.

The swimwear gurus at Osmari have applied the data of construction and configuration to design their jaw-dropping garments. From the rectangular short-shorts that accentuate a hunk’s intoxicating six-pack realness to the protruding pouches that complement a model’s washboard features, Osmari truly makes us wet.

The talent featured on the company’s online platforms is a hearty mixture of svelte and sculpted, hairy and smooth, and muscled vs. slender. But the one component that ties them all together is the enduring truism of architecture.

The lines of the human body meld whimsically with the supportive rigidity of Osmari’s elastic swimsuits, tantalizing our eyes as we ogle these bulging bathing beauties.

And have we mentioned that you can join them in the changing room? Yes, indeed – the design firm has stuffed their YouTube channel full of exhibitionist members such as Ricardo Murillo. This personal trainer is getting even more personal in the following video, which has swollen its viewership to over one million clicks.

We despise that pixilated censorship bar, but if you look closely (and we know you will), there is a jaunty, bouncing shadow emanating from Ricardo’s crotch vicinity. You’re welcome.

But we saved the best for last. Bodybuilder and thirst-quencher Nick Willoughby flashes his side-buns as he models Osmari’s ample array of Speedos and plum-holsters. Mmm, now we’re hungry for fresh fruit. Indulge yourself…

Photo: Osmari.com 

Last modified: January 27, 2021