20 Funny Things Said During Drag Race Season 11 Episode 1

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Soju drag queen

What were the funniest, fiercest and most memorable things the Drag Race queens said during the Season 11 premiere? Let’s clock those phrases, gurrrls.

Making Entrances

On getting voted off first:
MISS VANJIE: “I was humili… I was humililated… I was embarrassed.”

On lying about her age:
SHUGA CAIN: I’m Shuga Cain. I’m 24, and I’m from New York City. Do I really have to say 40?

On her style:
PLASTIQUE TIARA: I like to describe my drag as the three p’s – polished, persistent and pussy.”

No longer lying about her age:
PLASTIQUE: I just turned 21 last month.
SHUGA: I could be your grandmother, girl

Oh, the shade!
SHUGA: What’s your name? I missed it when you came in.
MERCEDES IMAN DIAMOND: Mercedes, just like the car. You will never miss that, baby.
NINA WEST: More like a Buick.

On narcissism:
SCARLET ENVY: My drag is about embracing the beauty that you were blessed with, and I happen to be [tosses hair] very blessed.

On Yvie Oddly’s car couture:
HONEY DAVENPORT: I’m really confused why hot wheels has to make an appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

On her intentions:
YVIE: I’m here to shock and suck cock.
MISS VANJIE: Girl, we’re trying to win a crown, and she’s trying to get D.

On making an exit:
SILKY NUTMEG GANACHE: Silky can do anything. I have jumped on a U.S. Postal Truck in the middle of a show and drove off.

On her look:
ARIEL VERSACE: Ariel is basically if Lisa Frank threw up on a drag queen.

On Ra’Jah O’Hara’s earrings:
MISS VANJIE: Why your earring coming off? You weren’t doing the electric slide. You just did two steps, Mary.
SHUGA: Both of them. Both of them came off. It’s national television, honey. Gotta staple that shit to your ear, girl.

Room for Werk

On Mercedes not taking charge of her photo shoot:
RUPAUL: Delta, would you like to drive this Mercedes?
DELTA WORK: I think somebody needs to be in the driver’s seat.

Heading into the Werk Room
SOJU: So it’s time to de-drag, and I’m really excited to see how everyone is going to turn into boys. I love drag, but I love boys more.

While designing:
SOJU: I’ve got such a good box.
SCARLET: That’s not the first time I’ve heard that.

On being asked if something can be tucked in her back pocket:
MILEY CYRUS: You ain’t tucked, you ain’t part of the f**king party.

On Silky:
ARIEL: Silky knows that she’s on TV, and she wants her moment, but you can only go so far being straight up obnoxious.

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Droll Down the Runway

On Ariel Versace’s weed-inspired look:
RUPAUL: She really lights up the joint.

On Soju’s voluminous traditional Korean garment:
CARSON KRESSLEY: She is such a tulle.

On Shuga’s ruffle:
ROSS MATTHEWS: You guys, if you look up her skirt, you can totally see pink.

On A’Keria C. Davenport’s Mohawk:
RUPAUL: I love the fact that you wore all that hair. You didn’t just do two wigs. You didn’t do just three wigs, girl. You did five wigs, and I’m loving it.

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What did you think of this night of special appearances by Drag Race alumni and surprisingly frank discussions about cysts? And are you, like Ross said in the promo, in love with the queens of Season 11 already? Spill your tea in the comments, henny!

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Last modified: March 8, 2019