30 Years Later, ManMate Still Helps Guys Find Love

Grant Wheaton

A matchmaking service celebrates an important milestone, and a different kind of gym lets you spin in or out.



Finding a special partner to share your life with can be a challenge — especially with today’s growing list of websites and apps that make the dating process more convoluted that ever. ManMate does it better.

“I think single gay men are frustrated with digital methods,” says Grant Wheaton, founder and president of ManMate. “They’re overwhelmed trying to find promising men who really want a relationship, and not just a sexual encounter. Just as they might be seeking a personal trainer at the gym, they want a personalized approach to their love life.”

Now celebrating 30 years in the business of matchmaking, the professionals at ManMate continue to introduce compatible gay men who can build solid friendships and eventually full-fledged relationships. So what is the secret to the company’s longevity?

Wheaton credits ManMate’s success in part to its in-depth screening process. Plus, he notes, “We are also unique in introducing single men both one-on-one and through compatibly-seated dinners for parties of eight, so our clients can have both an ongoing personal matchmaker, as well as the chance to choose promising candidates themselves through a series of dinner parties,” Wheaton says.

As for computers, Wheaton explains, “We do use modern technology to assist in sorting potential matches, but the final choices come from my experience and expertise. I deal very personally with each client: where he is in his life and especially the men he is most interested in meeting.”

“As our base of men has expanded, I’ve expanded my level of communication with each client and made their profiles more extensive and thorough,” Wheaton says. “ManMate has evolved as has gay dating, as gay rights, gay relationships and gay marriage are hot topics across the globe.” Learn more at manmate.com.

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Last modified: September 17, 2018