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James Whiteside, ballet’s boldest American principal dancer with an intrepid and creative pop singer persona, JBDubs, is launching a global casting call for his latest music video for Left Alone, the next single off his third pop record, Bodequa Bouquet, released last month. In collaboration with The Trevor Project, a leading organization that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention, the video will seek to raise funds  to support their work in supporting LGBTQ youth, while celebrating inner stretgth, resilience and bravery in the LGBTQ community and beyond.

Open to all ages, the video project seeks submissions of dance, movement, lip syncing or other talents for potential inclusion in a music video, to be produced and premiered this fall. While the Trevor Project has seen an increase in call volume since the start of the pandemic, this project comes at a time of continued closures and uncertainty, to unite a loud and resonate voice to remind the world no one is “left alone.”

“I wrote Left Alone about my experience as a teenager and coming out in the year 2000,” recounts Whiteside. “I wanted it to sound honest and sad, yet defiant and decisively hopeful. With this video collaboration, my goal is to generate awareness and donations for an amazing organization, The Trevor Project, by inspiring people to be creative!” he continues. “And as I like to say, dance and do good!”

To submit a video for possible inclusion: https://forms.gle/cMq2H645qRfmeUXN9

All videos should be no longer than 30 seconds and shot in landscape orientation.

This call is open to all ages.


The deadline for submission is Monday, September 21, 2020 at midnight, EST. 


Last modified: September 9, 2020