A Blizzard of Boots and Butts: LGBTQ Ski Getaways

Written by | The Lens

What could be gayer than skiing? Think about it: you balance your backside on a stiff rod (teehee) with your partner perched on the other end, and once you get to the top of the trail, you schuss your way back down.

Savor that word in your mouth-hole for a moment. Schuss. Yup, gay overload.

Slopes around the world understand the correlation between queer culture and hot-dogging (to reiterate: teehee). The skiing industry wisely caters to the LGBTQ+ community with a mountain of Pride-centric events designed to paint the sport pink.

Ski-jump for joy in January! The first month of the year ushers in a flurry of fierce activities. Aspen Ski Week offers fresh powder by day and fresher entertainment by night. From comedy clubs to cocktail parties to drag queen bingo, it’s a winter funderland!

Later in the month, Whistler Pride beckons ski bunnies to Canada. You can slalom to your heart’s content or work a different pole altogether, eh?

Snowplowing our way into February, Elevation serves next-level naughtiness. Park City, Utah, hosts the first gay soiree, which features smiles by the miles… perhaps due to the wine and tequila tastings flowing freely through the calendar.

But wait, there’s more! Elevation spills into March with gusto, conquering Mammoth, California in the middle of the month. There’s a rainbow run (how wholesome!) followed by a leather gear bash (the opposite of wholesome!).

To escape your inhibitions on an epic scale, consider maneuvering the moguls of European Snow Pride. Tignes rolls out a white carpet of welcoming vibes to gay travelers galore. Feast on French fare and fuel up for another gay (day) on the slopes.

And the nightlife? Ooh, la la!

Disco pulses eternally through the landscape and massages those well-sculpted skiers’ legs. Soon, you melt into a party aesthetic that feels light-years away from the chilly temperatures tickling the exteriors of every venue you visit.

So, schuss your buns off and flex your mile-high Pride. See you at the lodge!

Last modified: January 17, 2022