A Flirty and Dirty Trailer for “Deadpool 2” Has Fanboys Swooning

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Deadpool 2

Remember all those Daddy/boy jokes about Batman and Robin, or the Ambiguously Gay Duo from SNL sketches? Get ready for the real deal.

May 18 is the tentative opening date for Deadpool 2, which chronicles the new adventures of an irreverent and omnisexual superhero (played by Ryan Reynolds) for audiences who delighted in his sexual adventurism. Take ’80s-era Prince and replace his titanic musical talent with superpowers, and that’s a pretty close approximation. Deadpool is hot for anything on hind legs and of legal age.

Fanboys have been geeking out over the new trailer (posted below) that features another superhero who was outed nearly a decade ago as both bisexual and polyamorous. (“Being bisexual,” Woody Allen once quipped, “immediately doubles your chances of getting a date on Saturday night.”)

The superhero in question is Shatterstar, a mutant human from the future of another planet which goes by the unlikely name Mojoworld (which sounds like a place kids with bad complexions gather to play Dungeons & Dragons. But we digress…) Shatterstar has been a recurring Marvel comics character since 1991. And get this: his lip-lock on another gay superhero named Rictor was the first same-sex kiss in the mainstream Marvel comic universe.

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Although writers conceived of the character originally as asexual (as opposed to the Superman/Batman universe, where the characters never seem starved for intimacy of any kind), Shatterstar eventually came around to having a bit of the feels for guys and gals.

An actor who made a brief appearance in the first Deadpool as Colossus, Stefan Kapičić, has publicly confirmed that Shatterstar will indeed be a part of the sequel. According to press reports, Shatterstar being visible in the background of the newest trailer is simply adding to the excitement building toward the film’s late spring release, and Kapičić calls it “a really cool thing for people to geek out.”

Of course, being different and having special skills is nothing new to the LGBT community, and director Bryan Singer (who is also gay) certainly found a sweet spot to make that metaphor with the first two X-Men movies.

But at this point, there are many superheroes who don’t have straight identities in costume or out. There’s a lesbian in Marvel’s Runaways, and on The CW/Netflix series Black Lightning, a female medical student comes to grips with her attraction to the ladies at the same time she’s unlocking her super powers as Thunder.

But you wanted to see the Deadpool 2 trailer, right? Get ready for a laugh laced with erotic delight. Here ’tis.

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Last modified: December 10, 2018