Pamper Yourself! Remodel Your Bathroom into a Home Spa

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“People have begun to realize that with the right amount of mindful accessorizing, you can actually turn your bathroom into something like a spa,” says Gideon Mendelson, president and designer at Mendelson Group. “For some, that idea means white with clean lines, lots of open space and a sense of minimalism. For others, that could mean something very organic, with curved lines and maybe a stained wood vanity.”

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Mendelson says that clients yearn for larger tubs, more shower space and places to sit and enjoy some valued Me Time. Some bring back ideas from travels. “They’ll go to a high-end hotel,” he says, “and come away impressed by the fact that there are multiple shower heads in the shower or that the floor is heated. And on a cold day, does it feel good to get out of your shower and pull a big plush towel off a heated towel rack? You bet it does.” Even toilets can be upgraded.“Bidets are common in Europe,” explains the designer. “These toilets have an assortment of features that would boggle your mind.”

Clients also want ambience. “Lighting is key,” says Mendelson. “Even if the lights are bright, you don’t ever want them to be harsh. So that’s why I favor things like flush-mounted lights, pendulums and sconces.

“When people talk about creating a spa-like atmosphere in their homes, what are they really asking for?” asks Mendelson. “It’s an opportunity to escape. So, like any other room, I start with the layout. The illusion of space, even when limited, is important – glass enclosed showers open up the room and mirrors reflect light and add depth. Natural materials with clean, simple lines create a sense of calm. A deep soaking tub, radiant heating under foot, and a heated towel rack soothe the spirit. Add soft, dimmable light, a place to sit and some plush towels, and you can instantly be transported worlds away.”

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Last modified: August 22, 2019