A Tail of Two Kitties: Hot Firemen at CatCon

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It was the best of times, it was the FURst of times… but Dickens ain’t got nothin’ on these manly morsels.

We’re reFURring, of course, to the Adonises of the Australian Firefighters Calendar, an initiative that gives back by giving us the vapors. Oh, where are our manners? Here’s a pic for context:

You may have panted over the doggone sexy images of puppies cradled in their manly appendages.

You might have marveled over the heroes’ mastery of beary alluring (and barely clothed) photos with koalas.

But now they’re (eucalyptus) branching out even FURther! Get ready to wag your tails for CatCon, a gathering where you can meet the Australian Firefighters in the fierce flesh.

The place will be *littered* with panties!

The feline festivities commence October FURst in Pasadena, CaliFURnia, but we want them to start right damn meow!

In addition to the hose-wielding hunks from down under, the event will feature… I dunno, cats and stuff?

Sorry if we’re fixated on those feisty firemen, but they’re not just eye candy; they’re nourishment for the societal soul. See, their cuddly calendars have raised over $3 million dollars for worthwhile organizations like the Autoimmune Resource & Research Centre, Kids with Cancer Foundation, and AMS Cat Haven.

Speaking of cats, we’re in heat for these hotties! OK, so this article might not win a Pulitzer (maybe a PAWlitzer), but it’s purrviding you valuable inFURmation about delicious men, cute kitties, and charitable excellence. What more could you ask FUR?

We’ll stop punning now. We purromise!

Last modified: September 20, 2022