Achieving Happiness And Joy In Everyday Life Is Possible

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They say happiness is fleeting. Ultimately, the things we strive to do or accomplish in our lives only provide temporary joy and satisfaction, then fade as time passes. When you think about it, it makes sense. Whether you indulge in a sweet treat, get a promotion, start a relationship, or take a much-needed trip, you feel happy at the moment, but it’s short-lived. However, does that mean we shouldn’t strive to be happy? The answer is unequivocal, no. 

Why wouldn’t you want to experience moments of happiness throughout their lives, especially with the way the world is today? Even if it’s only temporary, those moments of pleasure make life worthwhile. Besides, your pursuit could lead you to eudaimonic happiness, essentially knowing your authentic self and purpose to society. Happiness becomes a sense of being that never fades when you know these things. 

Ways To Reach Eudaimonic Happiness

How do you get there? How do you master eudaimonic happiness, or at least manifest some level of it in your everyday life? Continue reading for suggestions. 

Let Go Of Past Pain (And Vices)

The biggest blocker of happiness of any kind is pain. Often encountered in childhood, traumas and unfavorable experiences rob people of their innocence, change their perspectives, and create the foundation to become unhappy adults. You carry these painful experiences with you, and when triggered, they lead you to make decisions that make life more challenging and ultimately unpleasant. 

If you want authentic happiness, you must let go of past pain and any vices that you’ve utilized as a coping mechanism. You may need to confront your past, speak your truth, eliminate unhealthy relationships, or even speak with a therapist to remove the hurt. 

If your vices have led to dependency or addiction, rehab may be necessary. Luckily, there’s Blue Cross Blue Shield addiction treatment coverage and other affordable insurance providers that will take care of the expense for you. 

Practice Mindfulness

Once you’ve begun to heal from the past, the next step to mastering eudaimonic happiness is changing your mental focus. It’s time to get in tune with yourself and the world around you. Discovering your passions, purpose, and place in society starts with learning how to be present at the moment. 

Find ways to stop thinking about the past or worrying about the future and just experience yourself and your environment in the present. Some people use meditation and yoga, while others unplug and take a much-needed break. Who is around you? What are you doing? How does what you’re doing make you feel? Does it align with your overall values and beliefs? By answering these questions, you’ll begin to develop a mindful mindset that causes you to make decisions and engage in activities that ultimately contribute to your happiness (and the happiness of others). 

Love Yourself (Even The Flaws)

How do you experience joy if you’re unsatisfied with yourself? How can you live a purpose-driven life if you constantly focus on your imperfections and shortcomings? Happiness will always evade you when you spend years trying to live up to society’s unrealistic expectations. 

You must get to a point where you’re proud of who you are, even the flaws. You must learn to understand that your uniqueness is what makes you special. Take a moment to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Then, determine which of these things define you and which are self-imposed limitations. 

Work on the areas you believe are necessary to strengthen who you are and let go of the things that don’t matter. As you improve, you’ll come to love yourself and achieve lasting happiness. 

Yes, happiness is fleeting, but failing to pursue it will result in an unfulfilled life of pain, regret, and resentment. Reach for the stars, cherish those brief moments of satisfaction, and continue your journey to eudaimonic happiness that withstands the test of time. As you master the steps listed above, you’ll find that every day and every experience is essential to the greater goal. 


Last modified: April 22, 2022