Adding to the Family? Find the Pet of Your Dreams on TV

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Shirtless Man and Dog

Animal Planet, home to television’s longest-running animal adoption event, Puppy Bowl, is airing cable television’s first ever live weekly animal adoption series, Give a Dog a Home Live!

Featuring Best Friends of America (BFAS), the show hosted by Puppy Bowl referee and adoption advocate Dan Schachner. The series originates from the Animal Planet studios every Tuesday and Thursday. Audiences are taken on live adventures to centers and shelters around the US to meet dogs, cats and other animals available for adoption — and those dedicated to their adoptions and care.

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The series is dedicated to sharing stories of animals available for adoption live from BFAS adoption Centers. That includes locales in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Salt Lake City, and animal shelters across the country. The series also includes tips on how to care for your new friend once you bring them home. Pointers are provided by surprise in-studio experts and the fuzzy faced guests joining Schachner live each week.

During each episode, fans are encouraged to talk about the available animals on Twitter, by using the hashtag #GiveADogAHome. Some tweets may appear onscreen during the live show as well. Animal Planet audiences can also go to the GIVE A DOG A HOME LIVE! page on to find out more about the series and Best Friends Animal Society.

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Last modified: October 16, 2019