All Hail Our Homo Heroes!

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We strive for strength every damn day, but sometimes, it slips through our well-manicured fingers. The daily grind really lives up to its name, wearing us down with endless meetings, messages and mundane tasks.

But there is a hero simmering below your façade, just waiting to break free. You have hidden powers; you just need to summon them verily. Once you have harnessed your altruistic alter ego, you can flex and strut for the whole gay world to see.

Your secret identity and your superhero persona are inseparable. You are fierce whether or not you wear spandex tights.

But seriously, those tights are so you, honey.

The relationship between comic book lore and everyday power is akin to the art of drag. Practitioners express their tenacity by exposing their vulnerability. It is a parallel that shapes the work of Cheyne Gallarde, the visionary who depicts gender fluidity as a raging river of courage coursing through pop culture.

“Drag is becoming more and more influential,” Cheynetells Gizmodo.

“Drag is changing art, changing minds and changing lives. If anyone deserves comic books of themselves, it’s drag queens; they’re kinda real-life superheroes.”

The concept became a springboard for Cheyne’s fertile imagination. He quickly branched out to include queer celebs from Billy Porter to Elliot Page to Laverne Cox… and Hollywood took note.

Cheyne was tapped to promote the MTV Video Music Awards, and the results were super indeed. He won the coveted Pele Award in 2020 and never looked back.

Last month, Cheyne unveiled a Halloween homo homage series, scaring our hot pants off with his renditions of flaming Carrie, buxom Elvira and cheeky Chucky.

But drag queens will always rule Cheyne Gallarde’s heart.

“It seemed only natural to combine my geeky love for comics and my love of drag queens. Both are powerful and inspiring forces that are very much woven into the fabric of our culture today.”

And that fabric is bursting with creativity in Cheyne’s agile hands. His capes and cowls flutter through our consciousness and elevate us to new heights. Up, up and a YAY!

Photo: Instagram @artbycheyne



Last modified: November 9, 2021