All-Natural Unisex Mists: Sensible Scents For Men and Women

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In a world where hidden chemicals seem to lurk everywhere, fall for all-natural mists from Highborn. Not only do they have a wonderful fragrance — like stepping into the treatment room of your favorite spa, but they are also designed with a spiritual twist. For example, their Défumé scent is meant to cleanse the energy of a space the way one might burn smudge (like sage) or incense in preparation for meditation, prayer or other ritual you enjoy. When we first tried it, the sensation reminded us of stepping into a cloud of sandalwood (one of its base notes, meant to provide mental clarity); also in the mix are soothing clary sage, mood-elevating sweet orange, tension-relieving lavender, purifying palo santo and immunity-boosting patchouli. Other scents include Prince’s Pear (bergamot and rosewater) and Salome (neroli and rose geranium). You don’t need to subscribe to the spiritual side of the product to enjoy its aroma, but you can take it as a sign of the care its creators have put into crafting it.

Last modified: September 23, 2018