Angels Among Us: Fighting Homophobia in Utah

Written by | The Lens

To be an angel, you don’t need magical realism, celestial powers, or an otherworldly aura.

You just need some PVC pipe and courage.

When students at Brigham Young University attempted to flex their Pride with a joyous celebration at Kiwanis Park in Provo, the haters immediately soiled their collective panties.

Thomas Stevenson, a noted virgin and co-founder of a BYU conservative group, told The Salt Lake Tribune, “This shouldn’t be at a public park.”

Who died and made you queen, Tommy gurl?

The incel continued by stating LGBTQ+ individuals have “an element of social contagion with gender dysphoria.”

Ooh, those are some big words for such a small boy.

But the brave gay contingent on hand would not be silenced or bullied by the so-called Christians preaching hate and homophobia.

“Religion has been weaponized against the queer community for a long time,” declared Maddison Tenney from RaYnbow Collective. “That needs to end. I believe there’s nothing more divine than who I am as a queer child of God.”

It was a classic standoff between good and evil. The twist: the bad guys thought they were the good guys. Some idiot named Brad Bartholomew belched, “Drag is a sexual fetish. This is sexualizing children.”

Sounds like Brad’s projecting.

So, who would rescue us from such suffocating salvation? Angels, naturally.

A squad of winged warriors marched between the pervy protesters and the peaceful LGBTQ revelers. Their flowing white garments provided gauzy armor against bigoted attacks and ignorance galore.

One BYU student named Sabrina Wong decided to put her allyship to great use as one of the avenging angels who swooped in to help. “I’m doing this because I want our LGBTQ community to feel like they can be themselves and know we have their backs.”

Thank heaven for activists like Sabrina and RaYnbow Collective. Our hearts soar alongside your heroism.


Last modified: April 15, 2023