Anti-Gay for Pay: Religious Universities Embroiled in Civil Rights Lawsuit

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He survived conversion therapy. His aunt is a Congresswoman whose extreme views dictate, “The most fundamental cornerstone of civilized society — traditional marriage — is under attack.” He was bullied and berated throughout his formative years and eventually attempted suicide when his parents refused to accept him.

But Andrew Hartzler is still gay.

For anyone who believes that children can be indoctrinated into changing their sexual orientation, please let the details above sink into your dense, manure-infused skull.

We are who we are and everyone must respect this basic truth.

But the lesson isn’t getting through to some institutions, specifically religious colleges. These so-called places of higher learning have twisted Title IX exemptions to the point where they actively discriminate against LGBTQ students.

Because… Jesus?

The aptly named Oral Roberts University particularly sucks. For decades, they have led the charge to marginalize, harass and shame their student body into adhering to a severely heteronormative playbook.

Y’know, kinda like a cult would do.

ORU students are pressured into signing a prudish pledge that reads, “I will not engage in or attempt to engage in any illicit, unscriptural sexual acts, which include any homosexual activity and sexual intercourse with one who is not my spouse. I will not be united in marriage other than the marriage between one man and one woman.”

Even though he felt compelled to sign the aforementioned pledge, Andrew Hartzler bristled at the restrictive ideology behind it. During his time at ORU, the undergrad was subjected to various disciplinary meetings due to rumors of his boyfriend visiting his dorm room.

Hartzler faced expulsion and derision, and taxpayers funded ORU’s monstrous policies.

Religious universities accept over 4 billion dollars of federal funding every year, yet they argue that they are above the law when it comes to sex discrimination and… well, basic humanity.

ORU is wagging their finger at queer kids with one hand while accepting fistfuls of cash with the other.

“It didn’t make sense to me because the federal government protects us,” Hartzler confesses to Politico. “In my mind, where federal money is used, law should be followed.”

Amen, Andrew!

Hartzler is harnessing his incredulity and joining a lawsuit designed to keep ORU honest. They ridiculed his very existence and now they need to pay up.

“It’s a weird feeling to be in trouble for who you are,” he concludes.

We pray that ORU gets their comeuppance and we should urge our representatives to stop funding any establishment that openly discriminates against us. And so it is written.

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Last modified: May 24, 2022