Patrick Boze Author

Patrick Boze, MBA CARC, is a New York State board certified, professional coach who offers bi-weekly group and individual coaching sessions in New York City, Fort Smith, Arkansas, and online. He also provides on-demand sober companionship worldwide, or can refer you to a coach who can provide those services 24/7. Patrick first started coaching 10 years ago, while living in Puerto Rico, supporting his clients to overcome their barriers to live the lives they deserve. He supports his clients to remove personal and environmental obstacles and guide them through the transformation process. He courageously bears the hard truths so his clients can see how they’re showing up and break into their authentic selves. As part of his own personal coaching program, he has overcome addiction and trauma to become a happily married man, own his own home, obtained a graduate degree & certifications, started a business, and now lives his dream of helping adults and teenagers reach for their dreams and develop healthy behaviors. He strives to provide private, confidential, and professional coaching and recovery services in a safe and therapeutic atmosphere. He’s committed to his clients and serves them from a space of love and compassion that sets him apart from many coaches. And at 7 feet tall , he’s literally a shoulder to cry on and a hand to lift you up, depending on where you are. He also speaks Spanish.

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