Bali High: Everything You've Heard Is True

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Whether you’re making vacation plans or sketching out your bucket list, don’t forget the dreamy, tropical island paradise known by one word: Bali.

Geoscope Bali

The Instagram-perfect beaches are truly beautiful, the food is to die for, and the Balinese people set the standard for service with their hotel hospitality.
You can (as some of my Aussie friends have) spend your time in Bali to realize your grown up party fantasies. But many others use the time there to get off the grid and away from the din of traffic and the constant pressures of the workweek. That’s what makes Bali one tropical paradise that lives up to its reputation: Your time there will be what you make of it. With its near perfect, all year round blue skies, outdoor activities abound.


I remember asking my girlfriend Merci what she thought of Bali, and she replied like this: “The topography of Bali isn’t really the best. They don’t have the best beaches in the world or the most glorious mountain ranges, either. But you go there for the culture, art, the overall atmosphere and the people. Everything about Bali revolves around art. Everything is artistic and beautiful – from the way they dress and the way they serve their food to the interiors of their homes and their everyday life.” I believe she captured it perfectly.


If you’re planning to go, bear in mind that Bali is a big island – roughly the same size as Delaware. Be sure to spend at least 7 days on the island, then move around and change hotels while you’re there. Bali has a variety of topographies, each one offering something different than the one before. Part of the fun of Bali is in exploring its diversity!

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Last modified: October 16, 2017