Barcelona: The Playground of Western Europe

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Barcelona is easily one of the most picturesque cites in the world. Not only that, but the mix of culture, generations, sights and sounds make it a draw for the young, the old, scholars and people who simply love to play.


You’re always reminded when you’re in Europe just how young a country the United States is. Here in Western Europe, there are buildings twice as old as any in the Americas. Many have been cared for and nurtured through the centuries – and I have no doubt that they’re more marvelous now than they were when first built.


Although the some of the locals refer to their city as if there’s a lisp built into its name (that’s Bar-tha-lona for the uninitiated), the city is well-known to be warm and welcoming with tapas shops and cafés sprinkled liberally throughout the city and nightclubs that often boast the best DJs from across the globe pushing the party ’till dawn.


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Last modified: August 29, 2017