Baruch to Screen Short Film "Dreaming American"

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On Thursday, December 3, Baruch College in NYC will screen three short films to raise awareness about undocumented students and LGBTQ youth.


The three films—”Dreaming American,” “The Park” and “The Waiter”—are written and directed by Emmy Award winner (editor of Boys Don’t Cry, 54, and HBO’s 2009 Grey Gardens). “Dreaming American” tells the story of Zef, a young man who escapes a dangerous situation in Albania, only to find survival in NYC his first step before being challenged by the powerful yet cold U.S. immigration bureaucracy.

Zef is played by Praq Rado, whose life provides the true story the film is based on. Rado, who has since received a U.S. green card and enrolled in the City University of New York, himself came from Albania. He was jailed for eight days while living without immigration papers before being helped out of prison by U.S. Representative Jerrold Nadler. “My tale is more than a labor of love,” Rado tells Metrosource. “This is a story that highlights what’s happening to many other people around the world and I’m proud it is
 finally being told.”

“Dreaming American,” along with “The Park” and “The Waiter,” will be screened by Baruch College (55 Lexington Ave, New York City) at 7pm on Thursday, December 15. Immediately following the screenings, writer/director Lee Percy and actor Praq Rado will offer a Q&A session. Admission is free. More info here.

Last modified: April 17, 2018