Best LGBTQ-Friendly US Beaches You’ve Got to Hit This Summer

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Summertime is almost here, and that means it’s the perfect time to pack your gear and head to the beach.  

There’s nothing that screams summer fun better than revealing that fabulous beach body you’ve worked so hard on all winter.  Not to mention, a sensational beach vacation provides that much-deserved getaway to splash in reviving crystal waters, go scuba diving with sea turtles and crush that killer suntan. 

To help you heed the call of the sand and sea, here are a few of the best LGBTQ-friendly beaches in the US that you’ve got to see and savor this summer.

California Dreaming

When you think of beaches, your first thought might turn to the stellar shores of California.  It’s no wonder. With so many ultra friendly destinations and open-minded communities to enjoy and explore, California is a LGBTQ vacation paradise.

So, book your van rental in Palm Springs after attending the hottest dance-offs and take a road trip to Balboa Pier Beach.  This beach is just under a 2 hour drive from Palm Springs, and features tons of summertime fun such as surfing, skating, biking and heaps of party opportunities.  

After checking out Balboa, motor on about 1.5 hours to the clothing-optional Black’s Beach in La Jolla.  This unique beach offers stunning views, and is a welcoming place for all people from all walks of life. From playing beach volleyball in the buff to sun tanning on the shore – you are certain to have a liberating and invigorating time.

Florida Sunshine Beckons

Florida isn’t called the “Sunshine State” for nothing.  This state’s east coast beaches are a slam dunk when it comes to high energy, and swimmingly good times. Take Fort Lauderdale, which is the home to Sebastian Street Beach that has earned a superior reputation as the go-to gay hot spot for surfy, beachy fun times. 

Sebastian Beach is also a host to a roundup of jump-jiving nightclubs, rockin’ bars and sensational restaurants.  If you are looking to soak in the seaside sunshine while also soaking in stellar nightlife, this is the superior beach destination for you.

Go Lone Star in Texas

If you’re craving a non-restrictive, liberating beach location, Texas might not be the first state that comes to mind.  However, you might want to rethink that when it comes to Galveston Beach. Increasingly, the sleepy town of Galveston, TX is becoming a mecca for gay men and women from nearby Houston seeking out a welcoming seaside spot to make the most out of every day at the beach

With the introduction of new gay bars, clubs and LGBTQ-friendly restaurants as well as guesthouses and quaint B&Bs, this has become a jewel vacay stay for folks seeking a low-key, yet safe and invigorating sabbatical from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Rekindle Your Fire in New York

If you or your partner are looking to reignite your flames on a beach vacation this summer, then you’ve got to check out Fire Island Pines in New York.  Nestled between the Great South Bay and Long Island in NY, this beach location has impressively earned the title of America’s first lesbian and gay beachside town.   

With its energetic club scenes and exquisite dining experiences, this is a lovely location to party or have an intimate setting surrounded by beach scenery that lasts for days. The area around New York’s Fire Island beach also features intriguing shopping with items you can’t find anywhere else.  Fire Island allows nudity, which might also spice up your summer romantic vacation.

Delaware? Really?

If you’re still cruising the east coast for the best LGBT beaches, don’t forget about Delaware. Yes, we realize it’s not a location that might initially woo you in terms of having a footloose and fancy free beach excursion. 

However, Rehoboth Beach in Delaware is a hidden gem for the gay, queer community seeking seaside memory-making moments. Not only does this Atlantic coastal area render breathtaking seascapes, it’s also a host to delightful shops, cafes and even has a wealth of free concerts that tune you into the beachy mood you need for a perfect summer vacation.

Which Beach Vibe Is Best for You?

The answer to that question really boils down to your taste. You might also need to consult with your partner’s preferences while planning your summer beach getaway. In either scenario, the US has a wealth of beaches for you to enjoy this summer.

If you’re running solo, you will love the free rolling energy of California or Florida.  If you are in a relationship, you might want to indulge in a romantic escape on the rolling shores of New York on the Galveston coast of Texas. 

Whatever your inclination, the US has a myriad of beaches that proffer the precise beachside experience you require for your perfect summertime getaway. So pack your sunglasses and sunscreen and set sail for your ultimate summer beach vacation today.

Last modified: March 31, 2022