Beyond Hula’s: Mining Gay Gems in Honolulu

Paradise is always just out of reach. According to pop culture, it’s over the rainbow and/or across the universe, but we gays know how to make our manna wherever we gather.

In fact, Shangri-La lurks conveniently at your local gay bar, 96815.

Honolulu is a queer playground with an intoxicating blend of grit and grandeur, inviting island hoppers and mainlanders alike. This gateway to pleasure boasts wondrous watering holes for every appetite, so pack your bags and massage your liver.

Game on, bitches!

The most popular LGBTQ establishment in town is Hula’s Bar & Lei Stand, perched lovingly near Waikiki Beach. Dashing daddies cavort along the 2nd story balcony, emanating a welcoming vibe as they sip mai tais galore.

Down at sea level, the HuCrew sets sail on waves of infamy. Every Saturday, the Hula’s catamaran cruises the bay like only a gay boat can! Buy your tickets in advance, because this flirtatious skiff fills up fast.

But gay life also thrives where the sun don’t shine, mister. Just a coconut’s throw away, you’ll find gregarious saloons overflowing with tropical hospitality.

Bacchus Waikiki, for example, offers smiles by the mile. Their mixology maestros will help you navigate the cool waters of queer immersion. Enjoy stiff… drinks and random deliciousness. Exhibit A: the Scooby Snack, a creamy concoction made with coconut rum, midori and whipped cream.

Slurp supreme!

Friendliness erupts eternally at this unassuming enclave. The Bacchus bois and girls mingle effortlessly through the safe space, which spills from the soothing shade of indoors to the veranda de vivre outside. Watch the day slip away as you toast your fellow gays. Hooray!

Now that you’re loosened up, flex your pipes at Wang Chung’s like the karaoke kween you are, darling. Home of Hawaii’s cutest gay bartender (self-appointed), W.C. is a pillar of the LGBTQ’mmunity. You’ll see their ebullient staff at local charity drives and fundraisers such as the Honolulu AIDS Walk.

But, let’s face it: the main event is indoors and on the floor. Groove to disco classics, belt out your gay guts, and revel in a safe space that’s just the right amount of dangerous!

As you walk on the Waikiki wild side, DO. NOT. MISS. the truly transformative terrain of In Between Bar. Karaoke? Check. Hotties aplenty? Check. A legit rockstarwho tends bar while performing grunge fabulosity to the max? Double check.

Oh, and it all happens on the same festive patch of real estate nestled under an adult book shop near a non-descript parking lot.

After all, paradise is never really lost; you just need to know where to search. Happy hunting, Honolulu!


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