Biden Administration Denounces Homophobic Legacy of Donation Restrictions

Written by | The Lens

People need to grow the hell up. When COVID punched us in the collective crotches, everyone whined.

But I don’t wanna wear a mask.

But I feel fine right now, so why should I lift a finger to help others?

But it’s a hoax.

Yup, that’s how half of the country responded to the pandemic du jour. You know who you are.

However, some of us reacted in a much more somber manner to the health crisis that gnawed at our souls. We had to be smart. We had to be compassionate. We had to be human.

We had been here before.

AIDS nearly wiped out a generation of thinkers, lovers and dreamers. They were our family; they are our heart.

So, when COVID crashed into our consciousness, we consulted our experience and mustered our courage. If we simply communicated and collaborated, we could get through this, right?


Anti-realists chose to bury their heads up their… sandholes rather than face the facts. They refused science, civility, and reason to spread the pandemic frighteningly fast. As a result, medical resources are now stretched dangerously thin and the American Red Cross announced the gravest blood shortage they have seen in 10 years.

The queer community is ready to help. Unfortunately, they’re not ready for us. Those same naysayers who deny the threat of COVID also defend a system that continues to marginalize gay men, rejecting our potentially life-saving donations due to our sexual orientation.

But what about AIDS?

But I don’t trust the screening process.

But gay blood is so… gay.

Shut up, listen up, and (as stated above) grow up. You’ve ignored medical data to the point where you would literally choke to death on Fox News before ingesting a modicum of sense.

Mercifully, there is hope on the horizon.

In an official statement to ABC News, the White House admits, “The legacy of bans on blood donation continues to be painful, especially for LGBTQI+ communities… The President is committed to ensuring that this policy is based on science, not fiction or stigma.”

Fancy that – consideration over conspiracy theories. Perhaps gay men can finally become the heroes we were born to be. We’ll save your lives or die trying. You’re welcome.

Last modified: January 25, 2022