Big Little Things: Small But Luxurious Elements That Make a Room Yours

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Decorating a room can seem daunting, and even once you’ve got those big ticket items all in place there’s still much to be done to achieve perfection. If you’ve been looking around your digs and feeling that something is lacking, it might be time to shop for the small touches that make a room feel more like home.


Designers often refer to lighting elements as the jewelry in the room, and with good reason. The right lighting is everything and can take a drab room to the next level with the flick of a switch. Sconces add a reflective shimmer when they are backed with mirrored finishes, or add subtle color with a glass shade in pink.  Shapes are also important, and can add sculptural interest, especially when it comes to table lamps. John Koga’s handmade lamps for Ralph Pucci are part lamp, part Dr. Seuss creation.

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Accent Tables

Seating is the most important element in your living room, but once you are seated, where are you going to put your 5pm old fashioned? Bring on the accent tables! Unlike coffee tables, which can take up a lot of valuable real estate in a small or oddly shaped room, accent tables are elegant and can be easily relocated because they are tiny. Think Grace Kelly lounging on a settee with a martini glass by her side – trés chic, indeed. In addition to being eminently portable, they can also add an element of object d’art to a room. Laura Kirar’s elegant Shield drink table has a curved brass back that reflects light. And Barbara Barry’s Quarry table adds freshly mined sparkle. For pure va-va-voom sexiness, try the curvy violette Chess Table by Marcel Wanders for Roche Bobois.

Statement Chairs

Adding interest to a room can also be achieved by creating contrast. Do you have a big, cushy, upholstered sofa? Then the Marx stool by Gabriel Scott might be just the thing. Its metal legs are modern and industrial, while the herringbone tweed upholstery adds a layer of softness. Is your sofa more ultra-modern, with square lines and metallic accents? Then something curvy and soft will provide more visual interest. A bench can also be a great seating option, and with the addition of a large tray can double as a table. A curvy, patterned number from Roche Bobois adds a pop of color. Moroccan poufs are also a super-chic way to add curves, texture and color — and they can be tucked into corners when not in use.


Last modified: January 2, 2019