Big Things Come in Little Packages: The Full Frontal Majesty of ‘Primary’

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Your mind contains a gallery of experiences. On one wall hangs the hall of achievements: your graduation ceremony, your first day at work, your promotion, etc. Another wall depicts cherished family moments: hugging your parents, holding your partner, or attending a reunion rife with loved ones.

And now let’s unveil the largest wing in your cerebral museum: Exhibition Sex.

You stash away every carnal memory like they are Picassos of the flesh. Each suggestive glance, each disrobing, and each randy rendezvous floods your consciousness.

Admit it – you’re thinking about your hottest hookup right now, aren’t you?

Well, there’s no need to strain your brain anymore because photographer Blake Little has assembled all of your gay fantasies into one convenient location. His new book Primary displays gorgeous, hulking dreamboats who cruise through your dirty mind leaving a wake of lust as they go.

“The guys in Primary are not models,” announces Blake. “They’re real people and my goal in photographing them is to capture their essential self.”

The resulting HARDcover is a who’s who of hot damn!

Lumberjack chic mingles with back-alley bravado to coalesce into a naughty nirvana. The shutterbug’s aesthetic is raw yet vulnerable, evoking the elation of queercanoodling at its sweaty, sultry best.

In the video below, the men of Primary provide fascinating insights about posing for Blake. One hunky Adonis admitsto being a grower not a shower while another describes the tantalizing treachery of baring it all atop a roof in Los Angeles. A third subject recounts following Blake’s directorial missives like “Hold the pose, fluff, extend, stretch, grunt, whatever.”

You will thrill to their stories and… oh, who are we kidding? You’ll be too busy studying the elongated shadows protruding down their thighs to hear a word they’re saying.

So, enjoy the following clip and be sure to check out the uncensored portfolio for yourself. Pick up a copy of Primary and add it to your mental mantle of men, men, men!

Photo: Instagram @blakelittlephoto




Last modified: December 14, 2021