Björk is Back, and on Her Newest Album Reaches for “Utopia”

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Utopia (One Little Indian Records)

Her last release, 2015’s remarkable Vulnicura, chronicled a bitter split with her former partner (famed artist Matthew Barney). Conversely, Utopia offers a complete musical 180˚ turn — it’s overflowing with passion, happiness and some expected kookiness — this is Björk, after all. Her ninth studio release features a parade of flutes, various choirs and some the most delicate and gorgeous songs in her unparalleled career. “What a profound and nourishing trip this has been,” Björk recently enthused about the project in a Facebook statement.

On the album’s first single and must-watch video for “The Gate,” she simply intones the hypnotic phrase “I care for you” over and over. Other highlights include the dynamic, 10-minute “Body Memory” and “Sue Me” (which I hope is a nod to Drag Race alum Nina Bo’Nina Brown — though Björk has mentioned on multiple occasions that she’s a drag connoisseur). Always the trendsetter, Björk is the first artist to use cryptocurrency in a meaningful way, making Utopia available for purchase with Bitcoin, Audiocoin, Litecoin and Dashcoin in her online store. Get more at

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Last modified: July 23, 2019