Blair St. Clair Plots World Drag Domination

Where does Drag Race Season Ten queen Blair St. Clair see drag spreading? Everywhere!

Sometimes Drag Race superstardom begins with RuPaul introducing a queen on the runway. Some girls get a catch phrase, like Ru hooting “Cameroon!” for Season One winner Bebe Zahara Benet. Other girls get a delightfully twisted pronunciation, such as Ru’s lovingly lisped “Ivy Winters!” for Season Five’s Miss Congeniality. Still others get their very own catchphrase, and that is very much the case with the latest queen to face our camera: Blair St. Clair. It’s hard to think of a time Ru said Blair’s name and didn’t accompany it with a drawled: “I do declare!”

It’s not clear whether Blair always intended for her character to have this Southern flavor. She most often described her character as having just gotten off the bus in the big city, looking to make her dreams of stardom come true. But even if we were meant to see her as a Young Hollywood Blonde or a Broadway Baby, there was something about Blair’s youthful, perky demeanor that fit the mint-julep-sweet appelation — as though Miss Mellie had leapt from the cast of Gone with the Wind to compete in a workroom full of Scarlets.

It’s worth noting that Blair actually hails from the Midwest, not the South: she’s the first queen from Indiana to ever compete on Drag Race. Nor is her name in reference to some great Southern Belle; Blair and her mother drew her first name from Gossip Girl and the last name from a street in Indianapolis.

Despite her youth — decidedly a baby of the season at a mere 22 years old — and her near-inexhaustible reserves of can-do optimism, Blair’s time on Drag Race has not been all cotton candy and unicorns. In particular, when questioned on the runway about whether her focus on being dainty and sweet was obscuring her true personality, Blair revealed that she was still dealing with the scars of her first sexual experience being one in which she did not give consent.

But that dark cloud could not change the fact that, more often than not, Blair. St. Clair was the drag equivalent of an endless sunny sky. The same is true in our exclusive mini-interview, in which we asked her where drag goes from here. And judging from her answer, Blair plans to keep spreading the gospel of drag everywhere she can. Can I get an “Amen!” up in here?

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