Becoming Andy Warhol Brings Pop Art Full Circle

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Before Warhol was Warhol, he was just another commercial illustrator who sought to break out into the art scene in NYC.

Image courtesy Abrams ComicArts

Image courtesy Abrams ComicArts

By Nick Bertozzi and Pierce Hargan | Abrams ComicArts; $24.95

Becoming Andy Warhol is a graphic novel — an ideal medium through which to examine the artist’s history — that examines the genesis of the infamous Thirteen Most Wanted Men mural that catapulted Warhol to stardom. The novel also ably captures Warhol’s personality, which fascinated the public as much as his art, capturing the spirit of a man who was proud and publicly gay (back when that was still considered deviant), and how he loved to push past boundaries.

Last modified: July 27, 2017