Brave Teen Heckled by Raging Idiot

Written by | The Lens

Get ready to get angry. You have been warned.

Mackenzie Atwood spoke to an assembly of administrators and parents to educate them about the sad state of the so-called “safe spaces” at Franklin High School in Eastern Massachusetts.

“Though everyone is said to be protected, that is not entirely true,” explained Mackenzie.

“When kids are coming to theater every single day telling me, ‘Oh I got called a faggot yesterday’ or ‘I got a called a racial slur in the hallway,’ that’s not something to joke about – though it’s something we’ve become so numb to that it’s become a joke.”

Her courage was on full display, which is infuriating to cowards. The murmurs in the auditorium grew hostile, but Mackenzie would not be deterred.

“Being homosexual, which I must say I am gay, call me what you want about that, I am being personally attacked in school about that.”

To prove her point, a festering anus in the crowd opened her mouth-hole and shouted, “This has to stop. This is the indoctrination.”

Mackenzie’s voice quivered but never quieted. “It is extremely disgusting that you can look me in the eyes and say that I’m not being oppressed at this school.”

The meeting was brought to order. The vermin who heckled Mackenzie scurried away. The bile dissipated momentarily, but the young activist was still impassioned during her interview with CBS Boston.

“It’s so invalidating because people love to believe that being gay is a choice. It was very emotional.”

Mackenzie won the battle, but our war with homophobia rages on. Bigotry has officially become an epidemic. We can’t reason with these brain-dead hatemongers. They have no “good points” amidst their prejudice.

They are a cancer and they must be treated.

The various news outlets that covered the Franklin High School debacle included Mackenzie’s name in their reports, but not her attacker’s identity. Why is that? The woman who actively bullied a student advocating against bullying needs a taste of her own medicine.

So, we implore you to watch the following video, as repellent as it may be. Study the voice in the crowd that harasses a gay student. This bigot must be named and shamed. How else will she learn? More importantly, how will we as a society ever make progress when we are anchored to such ignorance? It’s time to break free and drop the dead weight.


Last modified: November 2, 2021