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From the Mino Collection

Art and design intersect to form creations that light up a room in a variety of ways.

Aqua Creations
78 Grand Street
New York, NY 10013

Flowing underwater landscapes and other natural themes shine at Aqua Creations, where unique lighting concepts and handcrafted furniture pieces double as functional artwork. The U.S. flagship location in the heart of SoHo’s vibrant Design District features a ground-floor gallery space, a showroom and their signature Aqua Bar, where visitors can sip imported bottled waters from around the world.

Among the current passions of photographer Albi Serfaty — who is also the founder and creative director of Aqua Creations — is their “Live and Let Dye” project. This involves printing entrancing, textured images on silk and then incorporating them into fixtures to create an intriguing one-of-a-kind ambient light source.

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“The printing process ensures that no two lamps will ever be exactly the same,” says Aqua’s Medea Skupinsky. Skupinsky suggests they may even impart a unique sense of well-being: “Many of the designs in our gallery are very nurturing, and the lighting they create is meant to make you feel good.”

From the Morning Glory Collection

Visitors may select from various sizes and up to 17 different colors (for most designs), or request custom, site-specific designs. Aqua Creations’ dedicated team requests that visitors bring photos of their rooms to the showroom to assist with selecting the best pieces for their homes, offices or public spaces. Among some of the most popular pieces are the Morning Glory collection (pictured), which mimic the curious appearance of underwater sea life. Meanwhile the new Mino collection (pictured) offers modernist, geometric shapes. View more collections online.
Albi says that when someone has chosen the right creation for their space, “it shines without harming the surroundings,” and describes the creations as the visual equivalent of a “great soundtrack [for] real life.”

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Last modified: July 30, 2019