This is Why You Need to See Brooklyn’s Pierre Cardin Exhibit

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Pierre Cardin "Computer" coats

If you’re able to visit Pierre Cardin: Future Fashion at the Brooklyn Museum, you’ll be treated to a view of more than 170 pieces related to this gay fashion titan. Among the wonders, you’ll find archival images of Cardin and examples of his work ranging from fashion sketches to designs for television and film. These works – largely sourced from the atelier and personal archives of the designer – reveal him to be a futuristic iconoclast. His designs favor geometric shapes – even when building bespoke gowns. They reference influences ranging from Japanese origami to American football uniforms. This allowed him to create new forms for the modern era.

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They include synthetic unisex jumpsuits; vests, illuminated garments — and even those broad-shouldered jackets that became so ubiquitous in 1980s fashion. There will also be a selection of 1964’s Cosmocorps collection, which streamlined menswear with minimalist details and tailoring. Cardin is still working today and recently launched a line of menswear. Some 20 years ago, he purchased the ruins of the Marquis de Sade’s chateau in Lacoste, France where he still hosts exhibitions and musical events. So there’s something for all fashion lovers. The exhibit opened in July and runs through January of 2020.

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Last modified: August 27, 2019