Brotherly Love

Written by | The Lens

It’s a family affair for hunky heartthrobs Max Parker and Kris Mochrie. They played siblings on Emmerdale, but these British exports (sexports, if you will) are a romantic item in real life. Kris Mochrie and Max Parker met on the set of their popular UK soap series and quickly lathered up a love for the ages.

The news hit the digital airwaves in the thirstiest way possible: via shirtless Instagram pics.

Voracious viewers devoured the revelation that the actors who brought Lee and Luke Posner to life are now establishing a life partnership of their own. Perhaps our Bo & Luke Duke fantasy isn’t so far fetched after all?

Fans of the tele have loved to hate the fictional Posner family for years. Their nefarious deeds are a litany of naughty bits, including rape, kidnapping, and their mother’s various crimes against fashion. But the blokes behind the dastardly duo are immensely likeable IRL (in real life). Max enjoys drinking champagne and riding inanimate ponies (lucky ponies). Kris shares his boyfriend’s penchant for goofiness, donning skintight leopard-print pants while channeling the spirit of Netflix’s Tiger King.

Oh, and did we mention they both hate shirts? Kris hates his shirt while rock climbing.

Max hates his shirt at the gym.

Some say that opposites attract, but these fledgling lovers are on the same page in relation to attire: skin is in, and out is proud.

Soap opera characters come and go. The Posner clan may go up in flames on the small screen, but the big love between Max Parker and Kris Mochrie is searing and sweet. Their characters may develop amnesia, but we will never forget how their passion gives us hope. And the Emmerdale cast may be a revolving door of vixens and villains, but Kris and Max play the heroes of our enduring gay fantasy.

Bromance has never been so literal. Good luck, Luke and Lee; your real-life brotherly love inspires us to look forward to the next family reunion in FANticipation.

Last modified: August 3, 2020