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French furniture of the 1950s and ’60s is currently enjoying a renaissance of interest and enthusiasm with designers and collectors. There is a “joie de vivre” which resonates through the designs of this period. After World War II, designers could not use expensive veneers and woods; as a result designs became minimalist. A new modernity was born. Designers also adapted furniture, textiles and objects to the means of production. The industrial aesthetic that Modernism adopted came out of the manufacturing processes. French designs of the ’50s and ’60s are light with more acute angles than American and Danish designs which feature broader angles and heavier shapes. “It’s creative and contrary to what was being done just before during the ’30s and ’40s,” according to French ’50s – ’60s owner, Michele Sommerlath. “It was a new era of industrial design in France. It’s the first time that designers were interested in the function of furniture, not just the aesthetics,” according to Ms. Sommerlath. Michele Sommerlath has been dealing in the art of French antiques and collectibles for more than 30 years specializing in 19th-Century, Art Deco, and Mid-Century Modern.

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In business since 1995, GB&A is a company unlike any other in that we are a professional painting company – offering the discriminating homeowner the very best quality paints & finishes – additionally, GB&A is also a home furnishings retailer. Visit our website to view our latest catalog of hand-selected furnishings, lighting, and Accessories.

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Interior renovation wasn’t new for me, more of a family trade. I grew beside my dad, helping him handle tools he needed around the house or in a job site as soon I started walking. From that point on I embraced my hobby, it blossomed into a passion, and I still strive to learn as much as possible about it to continue a successful restoration business. That goal didn’t walk alone, the best companion was the interior designer part of me. I saw no end to the capabilities that design could do and one thing did not satisfy me. After years all of my passions became a perfect fit. I couldn’t just restore a piece, if a client allowed it I was ready for a suggestion of placement, improving space color palette and more….

I look forward to the opportunity to build great relationships with my clients and find what makes their personal style flourish. There is no end to the possibilities that we can accomplish and no space, I feel, does not have potential.

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We offer a wide variety of quality products and drought tolerant plants at affordable prices. We source pottery and fountains from all over the world. We are ever searching for new colors, new shapes and new textures.

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All of this has been in our DNA for generations. With history and experience of over 100 years, the core of LAZZONI is in its first three letters – “people living in the wood house” in Turkish. We have carried this ideology throughout the generations to associate it with the more contemporary term of sustainability. All our products are created with minimum effect to the environment, essential for the healthy living we aspire to.

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Mayfair House is the premiere source for fine china, crystal, silver, linens, fine jewelry, gift registry and corporate gifts.

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PLUSH HOME is Nina Petronzi’s furniture line available to the public and to the Trade exclusively at her Melrose Avenue showroom in West Hollywood, and through the Shanahan Collection at the Denver Design Center. Initially known amongst a discerning Southern California clientele, Nina’s furniture collection now ships globally and is housed in influential homes and hotels worldwide. The process of making our furniture begins with concept sketches, which are then followed by meticulously detailed shop renderings. From there all pieces are individually handmade in Los Angeles using a selection of the finest woods, finishes, down, and fabrics to create a sense of warmth and richness that cannot be duplicated by a machine.

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Plushpod is celebrating 7 years of business offering modern furniture online and our physical location for two years. Tha’ right, Plushpod was one of the first to start as an online retailer then moved to the conventional brick and mortar to showcase our talents! We have many delighted customers singing our praises in customer satisfaction, quality modern furniture, and overall customer service. “Plushpod promotes and makes readily available, to the trade and the general public, high-quality modern furniture objects & decor, from new and notable visionary contemporary furniture designers, that transcend form and function with meaning to excite and stimulate the imagination. We painstakingly choose modern furniture objects that reflect the highest artistic value and modern design significance. We are dedicated to our visito’ experience to be enjoyable, memorable, unique, and to provide the highest level of customer service possible. We are also dedicated to not only modern furniture and funky furniture, but the better well-being of Earth and all its inhabitants.” Thanks for visiting Plushpod and soon you will see that we are the ultimate source of plush modern furniture, urban furniture, retro modern furniture, and vibrant funky furniture. Our items flair with clever, organic, and sensual appeal. Check out our complete collection of modern furniture now! Plushpod makes contemporary furniture and modern furniture, from around the world, easily available for you. The vibrant hues and clever wit of these funky furniture objects will “wow” your friends and loved ones. We are your expert and ally in plush contemporary furniture , retro modern furniture , funky furniture and so much more so take advantage of us now! Modern furniture items should be an extension of taste and personality. These funky furniture items give your modern home decor a special vibrance and uniqueness. Plushpod strives to offer the best in modern furniture and contemporary furniture.