4120 West Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

Century Day and Night Spa is a traditional Korean Spa with a modern twist. Our goal is to bring Seoul chic to Los Angeles. Our amenities include both a men’s and woman’s spa, Jim Jil Bang (a co-ed Spa experience), facials, massage, body scrubs, fitness center, indoor swimming pool and a driving range. Whether you’re looking for a quick escape for a few hours or a day at the spa with your friends you’ll find our services and facilities will accommodate your every need. What separates a Korean Spa from a traditional spa is it’s a very social environment. In Korea, a spa is where members of the community go to bath and socialize. We brought that concept here to Los Angeles. It can be a social as you want it to be or a chill as you want it to be. It’s up to you.

Los Angeles
Clay Health Club + Spa
25 W 14th Street
New York, NY

CLAY embraces an integrated approach to health and fitness. Personal Training, Pilates, Group Fitness Classes, Spa Therapies and Nutritional Programs are united allowing members to design a lifestyle program that serves their specific goals.
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New York
Dr. WW Med Spa and Laser Clinic
85-16 Queens Blvd, 2F
Elmhurst, NY;139 Centre Street #224/nNew York, NY

Our Services:

Skin Tightening
Cosmetic Injections
Wrinkle Reduction
Vascular Conditions
Skin Rejuvenation
Dark Spot Removal
Non-Surgical Face Lift
Acne Treatment
Laser Hair Removal
Thread Lifting
Vaginal Rejuvenation
Collagen Treatments
Fat Reduction
Scar Removal
Tattoo Removal
Body Contouring
Cellulite Reduction
Non-Surgical Nose Job
Laser Snoring Treatment
Chemical Peels
Non-Surgical Face Lift
New York
1000 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA

We use only ‘State-of-the-Art’ Ergoline Tanning Beds.

We provide sunless airbrush tanning that gives you the perfect tan every time. We use top-of-the-line products that will give you the instant tan you have been dreaming of in 15 minutes! We guarantee that our products and our certified staff will leave you streak free and beautifully bronzed for an affordable price. For the past five years we’ve provided the best airbrush tan in town. Our professionally applied airbrush tan can make you look 10 pounds thinner and 10 years younger.
8929 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA

The Isle of Serenity Nail Spa is one of the best kept secrets in West Hollywood. Our luxurious setting not only enables you to lose yourself in the moment, but also provides the ambiance that we consider “A unique experience” in ultimate pampering & sheer indulgence …

West Hollywood
8953 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA

Imagine … no more razors, waxing or painful electrolysis! Laser hair removal at LaserAway Centers is safe, fast and effective in dealing with unwanted hair. LaserAway is proud to offer the latest state-of-the-art technology in laser hair removal. Best hair removal in the business! Come visit us today. Let’s face it … we’ve all done something we wish we hadn’t, and a tattoo can be one of those reminders! Well, it used to be a permanent reminder … but not anymore! Laser Tattoo Removal at LaserAway Centers will remove your tattoo quickly and in comfort. Affordable tattoo removal that really works! Over the years your skin has been damaged by both environmental (sun,pollution) and behavioral (stress, fatigue) factors. LaserAway Centers offersadvanced facial restoration treatment through laser skin rejuvenation Photo-facials and Microdermabrasions so that you can look as good as you feel. Professional Skin Care treatments to revive your natural beauty.
West Hollywood
2107 Hillhurst Avenue
Los Angeles, CA

Founded in 2006 by board-certified physicians Drs. Michele Ware and Jawahar Sundaram, The Los Feliz MedSpa is dedicated to providing excellent results for nearly every skin type and budget. We bring to Los Angeles’ Eastside the latest in noninvasive laser and cosmetic procedures, given in a warm and decadent spa environment. With each consultation, our clients are given an insightful, no-obligation look at what treatments they would most benefit from and the results to be expected. We offer highly trained, licensed medical professionals to deliver these outcomesThe Los Feliz MedSpa is owned and operated by Board Certified physicians, Drs. Michele Ware and Jawahar Sundaram. We are committed to offering the latest in noninvasive laser and cosmetic procedures.
Los Angeles

The basic massage therapy that is beneficial for all types of physical stress is Swedish massage. Depending on whether there is an injury or simply the need for release of stress, I adjust the intensity of the massage….deep pressure for atheletes, for instance, or lighter pressure for someone just looking for relief. I tell my clients that the main objective of the massage is to relax and allow the healing properties of the massage to occur. Reflexology, another technique in my repertoire, is pressure point therapy on the nerve endings of the feet that has direct corresponding effects on the different organs of the body. During massage, I am willing to address personal questions for which you may be seeking insight. The mind/body connection is never so vital as during the massage process and affords a unique opportunity to explore deeper questions. While my work has been covered in the media, my best publicity comes from word of mouth and testimonials given by satisfied clients. “I’ve known Mano for over ten years and I’ve referred him to many friends because he’s truly gifted. I laugh when things he’s told me come to be, but he’s not surprised anymore. He’s a loving gentle soul.” (Magdalena Spinelli, actress)
Los Angeles
1712 Silverlake Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

Modem is a boutique salon and spa in the heart of Silverlake. We believe in growth through continued education, supporting eco-conscious brands, and honing individual beauty. We strive for excellence: thorough in-depth consultations, technical skills and home care recommendations for your skin and hair. We’ve proudly served the community since 1985 and look forward to many years ahead!
Los Angeles
New York Wellness & Medispa, Inc.
192 Lexington Avenue, 2nd Floor
New York, NY

New York Wellness +Medispa is committed to giving our cherished clients a “back to basics” approach to healthcare that creates a sense of well being for the mind, body and soul. We treat the “total” human being on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. We also recognize that while two people can share a similar diagnosis, the way they react to that diagnosis, necessary procedures, and treatments can greatly vary from person to person.That is why we are willing to design a healthcare program that meets the unique, specific requirements of an individual. Under the guidance of our founders J. Douglas Quesenberry (Managing Director) and Rod Saclolo, MD (Medical Director), the medical practitioners and holistic service providers at New York Wellness & MediSpa, Inc. are here to treat you to the ultimate healing experience. We thank you for putting your healthcare needs in our hands and in our hearts.
New York