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Crunch is best known for our colorful personality and kickass group fitness and training programs that are #OnlyAtCrunch. With two brands, and a variety of membership options with no long-term commitments, the right Crunch experience is ready for you.
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Mind Over Matter
126 West 96th Street
New York, NY

Mind Over Matter Health & Fitness is a Manhattan based in-home personal training service providing fitness professionals to you in your home. We offer a variety of disciplines including Personal Training, Yoga, Pilates, and Boxing, all under one umbrella.

When you train with one of our professionals you get access to every other discipline. Variety is the key, after engaging in the same discipline over a sustained amount of time your body starts to plateau and the exercise loses its overall impact. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

We’re currently offering a special on in-home sessions for new clients–two for one! Ask us for details.

Also, ask us about our Skypercise workouts–work out virtually! Also ask about our partner workouts–work out with a friend for half the cost.

Mind Over Matter Health and Fitness (MOM) was founded in 2004 to provide busy New Yorkers an accessible service that would help integrate fitness into their lifestyle. MOM’s employes certified, friendly, reliable health and fitness professionals specializing in areas such as Personal training, Yoga and Pilates.

Whether in your home, office or other environments MOM trainers are equipped with the skills to turn any existing space into your own private health club. We also have bootcamps in neighborhoods ranging from Tribeca to the Upper West Side and many NYC neighborhoods in between, in disciplines varying from prenatal to postpartum stroller to open bootcamps.

Benefits of In-Home Training

The advantage to in-home fitness is simple; we bring the experience to you.

You are in the privacy and comfort of your very own apartment, surrounded by your own amenities. You decide what to watch, what to listen to, and you are never waiting in line to use the shower.

On a cold dark morning, just imagine opening the door to your own private gym. We show up and do the rest.
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New York

I have spent many years teaching people how to lead healthier lives and achieve what they once thought impossible. My innovative, accessible, and highly effective approach to fitness has made me a sought-after expert in Hollywood. Fitness has been my life and my career for over 10 years now and I have been really blessed to have had opportunities that I would have only dreamt of as a child. Touring with Celebrities globally and working with and connecting to people from all walks of life as they embark on a journey of self discovery; and together we break through patterns and behaviors that no longer serve and replace them with new systems that ultimately make life for them and the people around them better. My fitness career is naturally evolving into life coaching and I like to use the two to compliment each other. Being 10 years sober from drugs and alcohol I also use the tools I have gained in my recovery to help others. I have learnt that the biggest challenges I have overcome in my life have turned into some of the biggest assets and gifts that I can use to help others on their journies with more love and more compassion and more understanding, without judgement.
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