Los Angeles, CA

Thousands of vintage and historical photographs of Southern California.

I am a professional photographer based in Richmond, VA. For as long as I can remember, photography has played a major role in my life. I learned how to be a professional photographer in NYC, where I lived and worked for over a decade. Making pictures is a beautiful challenge that I continue to enjoy pursuing. I’m available to talk about your photography needs – weddings, events, portraits, and photo stories. Call me, email me, let’s discuss it. I can promise you that I’ll answer every question honestly and leave you feeling confident about what is possible. When we work together my focus is on understanding what you need, and providing images that you will love. – Michael Simon
New York

Out-Art is a celebration of human intimacy, specifically supporting the artist’s position that male/male sexuality is inherently natural and normal for the human species…and is absolutely worthy of serious aesthetic treatment in all artistic venues and showcases.
New York

Ryan Colford has worked with a variety of models from some of the most well known agencies in New York – Major Models, New York Models, Red Models, Silver Models and Empire Models to name a few. He has been published in fashion magazines in America, England and Australia with a variety of features on international and local websites. Ryan Colford has also done advertising campaigns for women’s clothing, actors, musicians, corporate and small businesses as well as personalized individual shoots from weddings to specialty concepts. He has worked with J. Walter Thompson, MTV, Viacom, BET and other multimedia companies.
New York