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Ortega, Tony, LIC Psychologist
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I am Dr. Tony Ortega and I am a licensed psychologist in the states of New York and Florida. My goal is to provide quality psychological and evaluation services as well as life coaching to my community. With over 20 years of clinical experience, I can perform services in either English or Spanish depending on your needs. Hi. Thank you for visiting my page. I wanted to share with you a little bit about me. My passion for helping others began at a very early age. I always knew that no matter what I did, I wanted to help others. Once I knew that such a profession existed, I knew this was my path in life.

In August of 1992, I began my first job as a mental health professional in a residential women’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Since then, I have worked in a multitude of settings as well as with a myriad of clientele. The settings I have worked for have been inpatient, outpatient, residential, managed care, and most recently, in private practice. With regards to the clientele I have worked with, I have treated individuals with the following issues: substance abuse, mood disorders, severe and persistent mental illness, trauma, sex offenses, and for the past 7 years, LGBTQ and HIV. The way that I work with you takes on a very cognitive/behavioral/coaching approach.

I like to take a look at the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are contributing to you coming to therapy/coaching and come up with active plans to improve the quality of your life. Homework assignments between sessions is a staple in my work with you. My basic premise with clients is that you are not sick nor do you need fixing. I also don’t work with diagnoses per se. My job is to help you remove the obstacles that are preventing you from accessing your power, which is your inherent birthright. Processing of past issues is certainly part of the process but not the only part of the process. For change to occur, insight as well as action is required. The foundation of my work with you is: Rewrite your story, find your voice, and live authentically. Services are provided in a supportive, non-judgmental and confidential environment. Sessions are conducted in person as well as via video conferencing.
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Schuetz, Volker, PsyD
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Psychotherapy is about transformation, change, and growth. It takes commitment and courage. Having someone you trust to guide you through the change process can make all the difference. A genuine and supportive therapeutic relationship can help you take an honest look at your feelings, your thoughts about yourself, and your relationships with others, removing the barriers to a healthy and fulfilled life. I would like to go on this journey with you. Together, we can address these obstacles to a happy and fulfilling life.

All are welcome in my practice, individuals of all genders and orientation, all races, faiths, and backgrounds!

I offer expertise in treating the LGBTQ+ community and have a special place in my heart for gay men’s health and well-being.
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