Can Billy Eichner Host the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade for real, Please

Written by | Entertainment, Screen

Billy Eichner has offered us Billy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. There’s a United States of Tara float.

In a bit for Billy on the Street, Eichner presents what floats, balloons and holiday cheer he would bring should he be invited to produce the parade. Among them, a tribute to SNL‘s own tributes to themselves and the phalanx of publicists who begin their Thanksgiving day at 4:30am by sending very important texts to other very important individuals. But mainly watch to see Eichner to share with a smiling Katie Couric the fun fact that Todd Haynes directed the first film he ever saw a gay sex scene in, Poison.

Ostensibly, the clip is presented as comedy, but, um, can we please have this? We need more discussions of dissociative identity disorder at the parade.


Last modified: July 28, 2017