Canada’s Drag Race Winner is…

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She’s here! Following a buzz-worthy inaugural season filled with emotional personal stories, fierce competition, a healthy dose of shade, extreme displays of Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talen, .and even a shout-out from Canadian icon Céline Dion, “Canada’s Drag Race” has crowned its first-ever Canadian Drag Superstar.

Before crowning the winner, the three finalists are tasked with writing, recording, and performing an all-new remix of a RuPaul classic. With the help of recording artist RALPH on the tracks and Hollywood Jade on the dance moves, the queens are put to the ultimate test as they perform one last time for our resident judges and this week’s guest host Traci Melchor.

The entire season of “Canada’s Drag Race” is available now on WOW Presents Plus in the US and select territories 

SPOILER ALERT: Winners details from the finale follow

As was just Ru-vealed to fans around the world, Canada’s First Drag Superstar, and the winner of the $100,000 grand prize, is Toronto’s own Priyanka! Over the course of the season, Priyanka had CANADA’S DRAG RACE judges and audiences shouting back at her signature catchphrase, “What’s My Name?!” Week over week, Priyanka’s drag transformations, hilarious confessionals, and iconic lip syncs had fans wanting more, and more – Congratulations Priyanka!

Canada’s Drag Race Winner — Priyanka (Photo credit World of Wonder)

You can hear more about the inaugural first season of “Canada’s Drag Race on World of Wonder’s official Canada’s Drag Race podcast hosted by judge Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, who spilled the piping hot tea each week and featured interviews from the fierce Canadian queens.



Last modified: September 4, 2020