Canadian Armed Forces Adopts Gender Non-Specific Uniforms

Written by | The Lens

When someone saves your life, do you give a flying Eskimo pie what they’re wearing?

Heck no!

It doesn’t matter if they’re male, female, trans, white, black or green; they’re heroes and sheroes, so they deserve to dress however they darn well please. If you’re noticing an overwhelming politeness in our tone, it’s because we’re about to whisk you away to the idyllic expanse of Canada.

Gosh yes!

Our neighbor to the north has recently announced a new military dress code that sashays away from outdated gender norms in favor of functionality.

And allow us to be the first to gush: no matter what they sport, they wear it well.

“Non-binary members would have the option to describe themselves as they wish,” explains a statement from the Department of National Defence.

Indeed, military gear should be as varied as the missions on which these brave individuals are deployed, from education to training to just looking Canadian cute!

The memo specifies that enlistees can “choose the uniform that makes them most comfortable” – and they have historical precedence on their side.

Last May, one branch of the military instituted a wardrobe makeover to deemphasize the classic he wore, she wore tropes.

“Right now our uniforms are labeled as Style A and Style B,” director of studies David Gerbasi told CBC News. “It’s not only here at the Canadian Coast Guard College, but in the coast guard in general.”

The move helped the organization become more inclusive by virtue of getting out of people’s way. If they feel like wearing Style A, so be it!

“I feel as though it’s long overdue,” Gerbasi declared. “You’re not being put in a box and given a label.”

But if we must slap a label on the rugged members of the Canadian Armed Forces, we would opt for Poutine Yummy. Sorry not soarree!


Last modified: January 11, 2022