“I Actually Wore This”: A New Book About a Timeless Idea

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I Actually Wore This

Written by Tom Coleman and Jerome Jakubiec | Rizzoli; $35

I Actually Wore This

Have you ever looked in your closet and noticed an article of clothing you can’t believe found its way into your life? Think of that hand-me-down sweater so ugly you can’t imagine someone making it, much less wearing it or those trendy pants you trotted out wearing 15 years ago that never saw the light of day again. I Actually Wore This is a celebration of such fashion faux pas. And whether you’re laughing at them for their epic fails or with them for making the same mistakes you did along the way, you’re sure to get a smile out of watching these stylish individuals once again strut their least stylish stuff.

Of course, everyone has an individual sense of style and the authors aren’t encouraging their readers to become sheep afraid to veer from khaki. The book is really more about regrets — and who doesn’t have a few of those? By focusing on fashion rather than one’s choice of couches, dining room tables, car or let’s say . . . partner, the conversation (although not the concept) remains light.

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Last modified: July 22, 2019