Celebrate That Someone Special In Unique Ways

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There are various ways to celebrate that special someone in a unique kind of way. Let’s face it; your special someone is unique for being them and for being willing to put up with all of your magnificence. Therefore, that special someone deserves to be celebrated in style, and you need to invest in them more than you already have. 

There is no limit to the types of unique gifts you can come up with. These can range from planning a perfect little getaway to throwing a theme party and inviting all your friends and loved ones to join in, to personalizing gifts that only your partner will appreciate. 

Plan A Getaway

Planning a memorable getaway is nice, but put some work into the plan. Get out of town, go somewhere special that you can both “let your hair down.” With that said, here’s a list of suggestions to consider to celebrate your partner’s uniqueness. Of course, as with any of these ideas, knowing your partner and what makes them tick will be a big part of making an incredible celebration possible. 

Islands Anyone? Plan a trip to the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, the Florida Keys, and Hawaii. Go exotic, go all-inclusive, and go tomorrow! Spending time in an exotic locale can heighten the bond between you and your partner, making memories for years to come. 

Consider a quick, one-night-only trip to Vegas to hit dinner and the clubs. Most flights are cheap, and hotels offer deals. But, of course, you’ll need money for gaming, shows, dinner, clubs, and drinks. 

Visit The Big Easy: Depending on the time of year, the cost to visit New Orleans is reasonable and not too crowded. So a mid-week excursion to New Orleans can be more than a big-enough party for two. 

Summer During The Winter: Plan a trip for the two of you during the dregs of winter and travel to the southern hemisphere. Brazil and Australia are incredible destinations for couples, offering nightlife, historical sites, arts, museums, etc. And if you plan months ahead of time, you can shop around for deals. 

Throw A Theme Party

If travel isn’t in the cards, consider throwing a theme party. And not just any theme party, but one based on your partner’s favorite theme, characters, or time period. There are event planners that you can hire out for:

  • Casino night
  • Speak-easy’s
  • Circus and carnivals
  • Theme dance parties
  • Mystery “whodunit” dinners
  • TV or movie-inspired 

In fact, there’s so much more you can do. And ultimately, it’s all whatever you can imagine that you can find. 

Unique Gift Ideas

Instead of planning a special event, you can always consider individualized gifts and presents, making them entirely unique to your partner. You can make and decorate ceramics in some places, allowing you to create personalized vases, coffee mugs, and more. Or consider a night of wine-and-paint class together, allowing your inner Picasso to come to light. 

You can get a DNA kit, massage therapy (or spa therapy), or commission a unique painting or lithograph. You can pay for a year of car insurance, utilities, gym membership, or even steaming services on a corny yet pragmatic level. Of course, this depends on knowing your partner, but it could be a fun way to show your love for the whole year. 

Before shopping around for a service, you should conduct a review and ensure that what you’re purchasing is what you’ll get, but a simple online review should do. For example, if you’re going to purchase a gym membership, be sure that the gym has the training and classes your partner may want before buying the membership. 

If you’re looking to buy car insurance, be sure to check the brokerage’s ratings first. For example, you may check out Geico or conduct a Kemper auto insurance review for their types of services before agreeing to buy the insurance. 

There are services online that you can personalize clothing, underwear, socks, you name it. You can upload your picture onto the clothing and deliver it to your home for a small fee. 

Your partner is essential and unique to you. Show them how much you value them by coming up with creative, unique gifts that speak to what you know about them and that they’ll appreciate. 


Last modified: May 25, 2023