Thirsty for Justice: Christopher Meloni

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Actor Christopher Meloni

You heard it here first: sixty is the new sexy. Christopher Meloni is about to hit the big 6-0, and we are OMG’ing about it. His landmark birthday occurs one day after the premiere of his long awaited spinoff, Law & Order: Organized Crime.

Meloni has been on our gaydar ever since his full frontal scenes in Oz gave us penal fantasies. Let’s savor that wordplay for a moment while we check what Meloni recently told AARP about his infamous HBO exhibitionism.

“In the old days, you’d say, ‘Oh, you never saw it? That’s a shame.’ And now it’s, ‘Let me pull up a GIF. Let me pull up the meme.’ That scene was the biggest reaction Oz ever got from fans. We had prisoners getting raped, limbs and necks broken… but you have a problem with someone urinating in a bucket? …OK.”

Fast-forward to the PEEresent day. Meloni is now making fans thirsty on the daily with grizzled pics of his handsome mug, not to mention the occasional armpit shot.

No stranger to strange, the enduring star is ready to step back into the role that made him mega-famous, but not without reservations. “I was fully prepared for weird. Gearing up to reintroduce my character through the SVU vehicle was really rather nerve-racking. Very difficult. But within a couple days, I settled down or found whatever it is I needed to find, and everything has been really smooth sailing.”

Meloni says smooth, but all we hear is scruffy yummy daddy. Perhaps we should get our ears checked, but in the meantime, we’ll feast on a bit more eye candy…

Mmm, mmm, great.

Christopher Meloni returns to the Law & Order franchise on April 1st – no foolin’! That said, we love how he manages to tickle our funny bone. Exhibit A: watch how Meloni reacts to the audience’s never-ending appetite for his raw sensuality in the following video. How arresting!

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Last modified: March 21, 2021