City of Lights: Outside Paris, Everything Is Illuminated

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Here’s the reality: You actually can spend three to four weeks in Paris and still not take in everything the city has to offer. There’s just so much to see and visit that you don’t ever need to cross the city limits. Unless you crave more.

Paris, France

It wasn’t until my sixth trip to Paris that I finally got time to see Chateau de Versailles and English Palace of Versailles. The palace is located 16 miles outside the city so getting there wasn’t as simple as you might expect. Maybe that’s why it hasn’t always been a priority for me, despite many of my friends’ recommendations. While it is known for its beauty, the palaces actually hold an incredibly rich history and cultural significance, not only for France but also to the entire world. The palace, now a museum and one of France’s foremost tourist attractions, welcomes nearly five million visitors each year.

Paris, France

On my last trip to Paris with my entire family, we simply got into our rented van and drove. You’ll find more than ample parking available around the Chateau for as little as $15 per day, so it wasn’t a hassle at all. (By the way: make sure you leave central Paris in the morning, so you’re driving against traffic while most Parisians are making their way into the city for work.)

Paris, France

There are several ways you can get there. You can also choose to take the train, which is another pleasure from yesteryear. It is the cheapest way to get there – or better yet, join a day tour offered by one of the many tour companies in the area. Guides are happy to provide many interesting factoids of information you wouldn’t have learned otherwise. They offer a variety of interesting tidbits . . . or should I say, royal gossip.

To avoid the crush of humanity, just like Disneyland, it’s best to go during weekdays than weekends, and best to go during fall and winter rather than summer.

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Last modified: October 15, 2018