Click Pics: The Gay Art of Artificial Intelligence

Written by | The Lens

When the human brain spins freely, it can produce beauty or destruction. Our consciousness conjures vast oceans of possibilities, paranoia and passion. We consume every thought with sex, politics, sex, money, sex, and extra sexy sex.

Because… obsession.

But what happens when you assign a mechanized mind to the task of creativity? The answer: infinite intensity.

By pairing real artists with unreal expectations, programs like Midjourney manufacture hulking, chiseled specimens that could only exist in our fertile imaginations.

Gay pixel practitioners are pushing the proverbial envelope beyond perfection and into the naughty nooks of fetishization. Bulging muscles, glistening flesh, and smoky aesthetics form a landscape of lasciviousness that defy physiology and satisfy our queer curiosity.

Pecs protrude from the screen, dappled with photorealistic chest hair and alluring aggression.

The result is three dimensions of sensuality, throbbing and shimmering in harmony with our manly fantasies.

It’s easy to get lost in the virtual weeds as we navigate from one studly scenario to the next, so let’s take a step back and gaze at the grand picture.

Instagrammer Dan Leveille recently challenged his artificial intelligence (AI) interface to depict 100 same-sex couples, and the results were quite illuminating…

Or, should we say “white” illuminating.

A shockingly disproportionate majority of the generated images were caucasian, which reveals tragic shortcomings in the art of AI. Midjourney is simply an aggregate of inputs, but if 99% of creators define gay beauty as light-skinned, then diversity will continue to slip further into the cyber-ether.

The key to diversity is diligence. We need more voices, more perspectives, and simply MORE.

Because “less is more” doesn’t work. We live in the era of excess. Let’s make the most of it, digital dreamers.

Photo: Instagram @gay_ai_art 


Last modified: February 4, 2023