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complete that tweet

Twitter moves pretty fast. Even if you’re glued to your phone, it’s easy to miss a funny, feisty or fierce message from one of your favorite celebs. So we combed the feeds of some of our favorite LGBT celebs, allies and actors who represent our community as characters on TV for some choice quotes — and now we’re daring you to fill in the blanks.


  1. Tweeting a selfie from a weekend with his boys in Miami, James Mackay (@jwmackay), who plays Steven Carrington on the reimagined Dynasty, said, “I’ll take a weekend with these beautiful _____ any time.”

    A. Muppets
    B. Poppets
    C. Puppies
    D. Buddies

  2. Samira Wiley (@samirawiley), who plays “gender traitor” Moira on The Handmaid’s Tale tweeted, upon landing in New York City: “Spilled some vodka on my pants on the plane. At least 4 ppl think _____.”

    A. I’m drunk.
    B. I’m a slob.
    C. It’s a cute pattern.
    D. I peed on myself.

  3. In response to a call for “Favorite Film Moment of 2017”, Billy Eichner (@billyeichner) — star of American Horror Story: Cult — replied, “When they showed the trailer for the new _____ movie before Call Me By Your Name and every gay man in the theater looked at each other and silently acknowledged interest in seeing it.”

    A. Meryl Streep
    B. Kate Winslet
    C. Annette Bening
    D. Julia Roberts

  4. One Day at a Time’s Elena — Isabella Gomez
    (@Chavelua) — apparently has a feisty family in real life too. She observed, “My grandma is currently drinking hot coffee AND _____. A true legend.”

    A. Tequila
    B. Wine
    C. Iced Coffee
    D. Whiskey

  5. When he’s not playing lovelorn Lionel on Dear White People, DeRon Horton (@ArabianGrown), is dreaming of future roles. He shared: “I wanna play _____ in about 3 years if he has a biopic.”

    A. Colin Powell
    B. Rick James
    C. RuPaul Charles
    D. Jimi Hendrix

  6. As Kevin Keller on Riverdale, Casey Cott (@CaseyCott) is an expert at hooking up with cuties on the QT, but his family clearly thinks he has some other expertise to share. “My mom just FaceTimed me,” he tweeted, “and requested knowledge on how she could become a _____.”

    A. YouTube Personality
    B. Celebrity Chef
    C. Contestant on Survivor
    D. Gossip Columnist

  7. After they came together to duet on “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M. at the American Music Awards, Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen bragged, “I’m gonna go ahead and take some responsibility for @Pink & _____ coming together Sunday night.”

    B. @MileyCyrus
    C. @carrieunderwood
    D. @kelly_clarkson

  8. As Agent Petty on Ozark, Jason Butler Harner (@JButlerHarner) headed to Missouri and got extremely friendly with his fishing buddy, but judging from his feed, the actor would rather be heading somewhere else. “All I want to do is another play _____,” he gushed in a tweet. “Loved it so much.”

    A. on Broadway
    B. in the West End
    C. in Chicago
    D. in Berlin

  9. Tweeting an early-morning selfie, Laura Prepon
    (@LauraPrepon) pointed out, “Coffee shops might not be open in time for my early #OITNB call time, but luckily my own organic _____ is better, anyway!

    A. French Press Jet Fuel
    B. Fresh Ground Java Juice
    C. Cold Brew Moonshine
    D. Mondo Macchiato

  10. When Difficult People’s Lola — Shakina Nayfack
    (@Shakeenz) — posed for a selfie backstage with Lea Delaria (@realleadelaria), Delaria commented: “This oughta make a few queer _____.”

    A. heads explode
    B. butts dance
    C. hearts stop
    D. fingers snap

  11. As Aaron on The Walking Dead, Ross Marquand (@RossMarquand) has faced his share of danger, but in the real world it’s the weather that attacks. “Dangit! First you cut the power and then you send a branch through mah favorite window?” he complained in September. “That’s it! You’re drunk, _____ – go home.”

    A. #HurricanHarvey
    B. #HurricaneJose
    C. #HurricanIrma
    D. #HurricaneMaria

  12. After scatalogically suggesting a guest would defend Donald Trump under any circumstance, Anderson Cooper
    (@andersoncooper) tweeted, “I regret the _____ I spoke earlier tonight and followed it up by apologizing on air. It was unprofessional. I am genuinely sorry.”

    A. vulgar utterance
    B. crude sentence
    C. coarse expression
    D. rude statement


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Last modified: February 15, 2019